One Piece Chapter 861 – Countdown To The Wedding

One Piece chapter 861 - The Wedding begins

Which of these characters will remain relevant?

Not too much longer now until Capone’s plan is put into action. The pieces have been laid out and all that is left is for Sanji to dodge Pudding’s “kiss” to signal the initiation of the Big Mom assassination plan. Many powerful characters have been named but beyond Big Mom herself and the remaining two Sweet Commanders, I don’t believe we need to worry about the other referenced characters at this point in time. I’m sure the other elder children of Big Mom are powerful but they shouldn’t pose as much danger as the Sweet Commanders. Still, “something” is going to go wrong.

Once the ceremony begins, which of the factions will gain the advantage and from the guest attending the Tea Party, how many are holding grudges against Big Mom. If there are guest with a vendetta against Big Mom, they would surely either help the Straw Hat Pirates and allies or avoid getting in their way. It should be interesting to see if there are any more guest with grudges against Big Mom attending the Tea Party. Alternatively, how many guest will end up assisting Big Mom?

One Piece chapter 861 - The tamatebako box

It will surely be a blast!

Once Luffy appears, we can finally move on to the crux of the arc where the Straw Hat Pirates will have to fight the Big Mom Pirates to save the Vinsmoke family and to secure their escape from Wholecake Island. Big Mom is likely going to be weakened by the Tamatebako box and in that state Luffy will be given an opportunity to fight and defeat Big Mom. I honestly cannot see the relevance of the Big Mom Pirates extending into a second major arc after they have had substantial focus in this arc. Furthermore Jinbe and Sanji need big moments to showcase their abilities after being out of focus for so long, being matched up against Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders provides just that.

Since Sanji won’t fight a female, being matched up against Smoothie or Pudding is out of the question, so the remaining Sweet Commander left is Katakuri. While Katakuri’s introduction was overwhelming and intense, if Katakuri does become Sanji’s opponent, he will be defeated, there would be no point to further drag out Sanji’s growth and minimise his significance against the likes of Zoro, Jinbe and Luffy. Sanji’s needs to defeat a strong opponent to display his capacity to evolve.

Equally so, Jinbe needs to make a statement to signify his decision to join the Straw Hat Pirates, both to the Straw Hat Pirates and to the world. Defeating Smoothie with a bounty close to 1 billion beli (932 million beli actual) should convey to world how dangerous the Straw Hat Pirates are becoming as they gather strong allies and nakama.

One Piece chapter 861 - Mother Caramel

What role will Mother Caramel have in the future?

Mother Caramel, so she wasn’t someone we knew already, but she reminds me of someone =/. Why did Mother Caramel run away? What is her relationship with Big Mom? And why does Big Mom react so fiercely when Mother Caramel is mentioned? Will their past get mentioned? And if so, what significance will Mother Caramel play in the future? Hopefully we get some answers once Luffy appears! Looking forward to the next chapter.

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