One Piece Chapter 860 – The Tea Party

One Piece chapter 860 - The Tea Party Begins

And so it begins…

So it begins, the event that will determine the continued threat of one of the major powers within the New World. It is dubbed the Tea Party but behind the scenes it is actually the basis for the Vinsmoke annihilation plot and even beyond that lies the Big Mom assassination plot. Multiple factions caught up within the current events have cast their die and now what’s left is to see where their fortunes have determined their fates to lie.

The Germa wish for a powerful ally, the Big Mom Pirates crave the might of the Germa, the Firetank Pirates desire the head of Big Mom, Caesar desperately wants to escape his imprisonment, Jinbe resolved to help out fellow friends, and the Straw Hat Pirates have made it their mission to stop the Tea Party in order to prevent the Big Mom Pirates from slaughtering Sanji’s family.

In addition to that are the outside third parties invited as guest to the Tea Party; black market dealers, transport managers, drug lords, organ dealers and other persons of similar status and questionable occupations. What role will these new characters play and how substantial will they be in affecting the influence Big Mom will wield once the events in the Wholecake Island Arc arc over. Given that they represent major avenues within the dark market, once they see a rookie who just entered the New World destroy all of Big Mom’s carefully laid out plans and escape, how tarnished will their perception of Big Mom be? For rookies to foil the Big Mom Pirates plans on their own turf, there is no doubt their reputation will be detrimentally affected.

One Piece chapter 860 - Dogtooth

Jellybeans huh?

Dogtooth, well snap, looks like the third of the current three Sweet Commanders represents a major danger to the plans Capone, Caesar and Luffy have in place. If Luffy is going be the distraction for Big Mom, would this mean that Sanji and Jinbe will get valuable screen time in regards to battle. With so much build up in the current arc and the immense focus the Big Mom Pirates have gotten, I honestly do not see this arc ending anti-climatically with just the Straw Hat Pirates and allies escaping Big Mom. Events are going to develop sideways and plans are going to be contoured from the very start. Conflict will ensure and the Straw Hat Pirates will have to face off against the Big Mom Pirates to escape. Jinbe will likely take on Smoothie and seeing as Sanji is the Observational Haki specialist in the crew, he seems like the perfect fit of an opponent for Dogtooth. Pedro could have his rematch with Baron Tamago or Count Chicken depending on what form he is in and Nami may just be the one to give Pudding her just desserts.

Will there be any other unknown factions arriving to crash the Party? Could Weedle or Jack end up appearing? I admit it would be cool, but based on this arc being a Big Mom Pirates centered arc, I highly doubt we will get to see any other major factions become directly relevant to the conflict driving this arc. This arc has always been about the Big Mom Pirates and will continue to focus on the Big Mom Pirates as the antagonist for the remainder of the arc. Only factions that serve to increase the relevance of the Big Mom pPirates will be given focus at this point which is what the underground dealers and black market traders represent.

One Piece chapter 860 - Invited Guest

Those are some big shots there, how relevant will they be in the future?

It is great to see the Fishman Pirates ready to leave Big Mom as they never fit alongside such an antagonistic crew, one which does not value them. Interestingly, this helps support the necessity of Luffy defeating Big Mom and bringing Fishman Island under his flags protection. If Big Mom is not dealt with in this arc, she will hunt the Fishman Pirates down for abandoning her and even resort to attacking Fishman Island in pursuit of her vengeance. For Fishman Island to remain safe, Luffy will either have to defeat Big Mom or do something so severe that Big Mom narrows her field of rage towards only the Straw Hat Pirates.

Personally, I just cannot see this arc not fully concluding the Big Mom Pirates story arc when this whole arc was dedicated towards focusing on them. We’ve met the crew and Big Mom’s elite force aka. the Sweet Commanders, two have been defeated and two more are currently in focus. With the events leading towards the Straw Hat Pirates escaping with Sanji after they stop the Tea Party and save the Germa, Big Mom’s reputation will definitely be affected and this arc will likely serve as the beginning of her fall as one of the Yonko. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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