One Piece Chapter 859 – Operation Assassinate Big Mom

One Piece chapter 859 - Operation assassinate Big Mom begins!

Will the plan really work?

Despite the elaborate plan Capone has come up with to carve out 5 seconds in which Big Mom exposes her vulnerability, every aspect of the plan is based on improbability and the assumption that with so many variables present, nothing unexpected will happen. But this is One Piece and “something” unexpected ALWAYS happens. This time though with Luffy uncontrollably overjoyed about his upcoming entrance, I have this deep sinking feeling shackled by a grating foreboding uneasiness that he will be the one to mess up this carefully calculated plan right from the very start.

Luffy entrance, why did no one besides Chopper want to know what it is? Surely that is the information you wish to know when challenging a Yonko and having a reckless captain like Luffy carrying out a significant portion of the plan. I have this distressful feeling that Luffy plans to jump out from the Wedding Cake and make his grand entrance. Big Mom shrugged off losing “Brook” when just a day ago she was ecstatic about him, all because there was the Wedding Cake to look forward to. Would Big Mom even have the opportunity to react to Mother Caramel’s photo being destroyed once she enters her rage mode at sight of the Wedding Cake being demolished by Luffy. Somehow I don’t really think so.

One Piece chapter 859 - Luffy

Well that doesn’t sound good…

Ultimately though, Big Mom is not going to be weakened through the methods Capone has set-up, she will be weakened by the opening of the Tamatebako Box and upon its opening, ‘souls’ will escape. The Tamatebako Box is definitely going to be relevant this arc and being the wild card element that it is, it will serve a crucial purpose in helping the Straw Hat Pirates stop the Tea Party. None present on Wholecake Island are aware of the current contents of the box, but with the highlighting it has gotten so far this arc it will serve a role during the Tea Party. It is going to be a sublime spectacle seeing the opening of the Tamatebako Box and the resulting chaos created.

One Piece chapter 859 - Pudding

Wow, she is quite something

Pudding’s true colours really are starting to show now. She is more shallow and antagonistic than I thought. I doubted her in the past before we received confirmation that she was bad but I at least expected her to have accepted that fact and taken more pride in being evil (like Caesar) but given her attitude in this chapter, she genuinely does not care in what she does. The more we get to see the type of person she really is, the more it becomes obvious that Pudding is a jerk because she is just a jerk – there is no substance behind it. Pudding acts as if the world revolves around her and has no notion of the weight her actions hold. Pudding has been brought up in such an isolated and sheltered environment that she is oblivious to the world around her. And because of that, despite her acting and abuse of people’s emotions, there will always be something that makes her seem fake and disingenuous. Pudding is going to get what is coming to her and I hope for the sake of all those who believed in her kindness that they get the opportunity to see the true Pudding and the nastiness within her. They deserve to know. The only question is who will be the one to educate Pudding in the ways of the world? Nami? Reiju?

One Piece chapter 859 - The weakness of Big Mom

What a surprising weakness

The current known unknown variables present at the Tea Party that could pose problems for Capone’s plan are the Germa and the invited guests. How will the Vinsmoke Family react when Capone’s plan begins? Will Reiju have filled in her family of what is about to go down or does she still plan to treat the upcoming events that will lead to their deaths as their ‘moment of repentance’? Most likely the latter. The Germa will definitely pose an obstacle especially due to the inevitability of the plan’s failure. The other invited guests though, I am not so sure about but this will depend on who Oda-sensei plans to introduce and highlight in that moment. With Jinbe already hinting towards the threat these guest pose, it does seem likely that these currently unknown guest will serve a role in this arc.And what about Mother Caramel? Who is she and where is she currently? Given that Mother Caramel is alive based on what Chiffon said, she may likely have a role within the future. It is going to be interesting if Luffy ends up recognising Mother Caramel. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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