One Piece Chapter 858 – Gathering

One Piece chapter 858 - Pirate Alliance

Enemies join hands (despite their arms being crossed) in order to defeat Big Mom and stop the Tea Party slaughter

Firstly, how did I now realise that HE was Caesar Clown in the previous chapter. I noticed HIM and thought to myself ‘he looks badass, I hope we get to see more of him’. How did I not notice…was it the angle? The stern expression he was wearing? His inclusion within the Firetank Pirates? Whatever it was, well played Oda-sensei, that was a fantastic way to reintroduce Caesar in this arc. With Big Mom as the obstacle within Luffy, Caesar and Capone’s paths, an almost impossible alliance has been formed and it is all thanks to Jinbe who arranged for such a possibility to be made possible.

Oda-sensei is clearly going out of his way to convey the strength Jinbe is adding to the Straw Hat Pirates with strategic planning. With the Straw Hat Pirates enemies now being upgraded to whole organisation, a certain level of lateral thinking in needed in terms of tactics. It is no secret how fortunate the Straw Hat Pirates have been with their lack of planning but now that they are up against the strongest forces within the seas, their approach needs to change and Jinbe provides just that. Jinbe fills the gaping void the Straw Hat Pirates have in regards to their strategy and tactics.

Luffy’s enemies are the Yonko and in order to crush them, one must be willing to work with yesterday’s enemies. Jinbe understand this as well as the people who sail the New World. The Yonko’s enemies are many and thanks to Jinbe’s experience he has the ability detract those ‘enemies’ focus away from each other and towards their desire to crush a Yonko/common enemy. Capone, Caesar and Luffy’s personal grudges were leveled due to Jinbe. Honestly, if Jinbe is with the Straw Hat Pirates when they meet the Vinsmoke Family again, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jinbe can convince Judge to abandon his alliance with Big Mom and instead join the Straw Hat Pirates alliance. If it’s Jinbe, it is possible.

One Piece chapter 858 - Caesar "Gangster Gastino" Clown


Back to Gastino, he looks amazing. I am glad to see him back in focus despite the heartless and monstrous things he has done in the past. Caesar is getting his just desserts and watching him suffer through it all as he indirectly repents for his sins is oddly enlightenly hilarious (plus that smile). Caesar is far from making up for his evil but for now, I am enjoying seeing him put in situations where he is forced to do acts he wouldn’t have done anyway.

One Piece chapter 858 - Big Mom's hatred for Lola

Now I am looking forward to the Elbaf Arc

We finally learn why Big Mom hates Lola and why there are no Giants within Totto Land. Lola was arranged to be married to the Prince of the Elbaf Clan, Loki, as he became infatuated with her since gazing upon her “divine” form and asked for her hand in marriage. Through their marriage, Big Mom would have gotten access to the Elbaf Giant Kingdom army which Big Mom believes would have made her unstoppable and the next ‘Pirate King’. Lola ran away and now Big Mom despises her very name and image which had the unfortunate side effect of causing Big Mom to hate Chiffon as well since Lola and her look similar.

One Piece chapter 858 - Milk

I don’t even…

Loving the character outfits for the battle portion of the arc – suits! It is a shame Zoro won’t be joining in on this adventure as he looks amazing in a suit but seeing each of the Straw Hat members and allies currently in Totto Land dressed up is quite the spectacle. Luffy probably despises it, but it should be exciting seeing him battle in a suit and in particular what his Gear Fourth transformation will do to the suit given he does get the opportunity to utilise Gear Fourth again. Very much looking forward to seeing how Capone’s plan unravels now that the Straw Hat Pirates and Caesar are on board.


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