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Fairy Tail Chapter 525 – The Child Of Mavis

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Fairy Tail chapter 525 - The Child within Mavis

The child she does not know she has…

So Larcade really is Mavis’s son? How was he able to survive for so long or was his birth delayed by Mavis’s body being entrapped within a Lacrima prison? Given Irene, it is not impossible but how did Mavis give birth to Larcade and why is she unaware of having a son? Mavis meeting Larcade is inevitable and now that Zeref has injured Larcade, Mavis will need to be brought back into focus to save her son. She will convey to Larcade what love is; what a parents love is, particularly, what a mother’s love. And August will finally have his answer for why ‘his majesty’s son was not loved’, because he was loved already despite Mavis not knowing of his existence and Larcade not knowing of his mother’s existence. Mavis will “save” Larcade and help liberate him as to who he really is.

I am surprised August is asking such a question concerning Zeref. Is August unaware of the curse of contradiction? Surely he should know his masters circumstance when he believes in Zeref so strongly that he is ready to raze the world into ruin to satisfy Zeref for the disillusioned reasons of wanting to “save the world”. The curse of contradiction has twisted Zeref and distorted every single emotion he feels. From the moment he ‘dumped’ Mavis in front of Fairy Tail, he has begun down the spiraling collapse of emotional destruction. The curse prevents him from loving and feeling any form of positivity lest he desires that love to kill. It is not that Larcade was not loved by Zeref but that he couldn’t be loved by Zeref. Zeref’s circumstances prevent him from doing so.

Fairy Tail chapter 525 - Cana and Gildarts

After being apart for so long, it is great to see them interact with one another

August is obviously baiting Gildarts but he fails to realise that the madder he makes Gildarts, the more dangerous Gildarts becomes. Let’s not also forget Cana who has a calm head on her shoulders and can make up for the many areas Gildarts is lacking in. With Cana around, I don’t think she will let Gildarts fall completely into August’s pace. Cana understands her father and exactly how strong/weak he is. This father and daughter combination can defeat August despite what Brandish has stated and accepted as inevitable. The Spriggan 12 do not know the strength of Gildarts (and that of Natsu) and consequently they will be the ones to be defeated contrary to their initial dominance over the guilds of Ishgar.

As for Natsu, he does seem to be holding his own against Zeref although it is unclear how much Zeref is holding back. Something definitely will happen to even the scales and that something is most likely related to Larcade. Mavis will arrive to discover Larcade injured and shortly realise that she has a son. Fairy Heart could come into play to “save” Larcade and in the end Larcade may turn his magic against Zeref in order to save his father. Zeref was earlier affected by Larcade’s magic, so he is not immune to the effects of Larcade’s light magic. What still has me completely confused about Larcade is his age, how is he that young if he was born while Mavis was imprisoned within the lacrima?

Fairy Tail chapter 525 - Natsu VS Zeref

Why isn’t Zeref being serious? Surely he isn’t being pressured by Natsu

I don’t deny Mavis having a child but is Larcade really her child? Or is he something slightly different? Could Larcade be an illusion created by Mavis who envisioned the life she could have with Zeref while trapped within the lacrima? Thanks to the flashback with Precht, we got confirmation that Mavis was pregnant while sealed within the lacrima. Given that, did Mavis give birth to her child at that time? Or is the child she was pregnant with still inside her womb yet to be born? Irene has already shown us that magic can delay the birth of a child by centuries if needed. Mavis may have been subconsciously affected by the child within her when she created the illusion of Larcade and as such, like Zera, she had no idea of his existence. Mavis’s real body was sealed until only recently, so the reason she could not give birth to her child was because of her being sealed. Since awakening it has been one thing after another, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Mavis hasn’t realised that she is currently pregnant. If this is the case, how would Zeref react?

Does Zeref believe Larcade to be his son or does he not care in the slightest? Or if he does care, does he know Larcade is an illusion? And if so, is that why Zeref had no issue blasting through Larcade because he knew an illusion couldn’t die? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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