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Fairy Tail Chapter 524 – The Black Dragon

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Fairy Tail Chapter 524 - Acnologia

My heart just got crushed…

Acnologia really is a piece of work. How arrogant can he get stating that as Irene is the mother of Dragon Slayers, she is his sin. Does he really believe that he is THAT significant that the fate of the world and its future rest on his shoulders. It should be the other way around, because Irene created Dragon Slaying magic and failed to stop herself from succumbing to the effects of its power, she should be the one feeling the need to clear the consequences of her sins by stopping/crushing Acnologia and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation.

Every fiber of my being turned in agony when Acnologia crushed Irene. How utterly low Acnologia, that was severely distasteful. Whatever small hope I was clinging onto that Irene could be saved was likewise demolished in that scene and it was drearily despairing to be cast into such a state so jarringly. Ah, how badly I wanted Irene to be redeemed for the bad she had done and to have her relationship with her daughter, Erza, truly blossom. I truly am surprised Mashima-sensei opted not to delve further into the bonds between Irene and Erza, especially considering that Irene is the creator of Dragon Slayer magic and one of the last remaining Dragons. I am honestly completely shattered. I bet Acnologia just wanted himself to be the only Dragon remaining. If Acnologia wants to end the darkness of Dragons, he should be looking at himself to kill next.

Still, I really really REALLY wish Irene could have had a continued role in the story. Let’s hope my theory about Irene enchanting her soul into Erza’s blade pans out – Erza’s sword was still impaled in Irene when Acnologia took out his anger onto her, so maybe, just maybe. Well, even though that is what I want, I think I know what Mashima-sensei has decided to do. RIP Irene Belserion, your sacrifices and majestic self will not be forgotten. Regardless of what Erza has stated, deep inside she acknowledges you as her mother.

Fairy Tail Chapter 524 - Natsu VS Zeref

So how is Natsu going to defeat Zeref now?

I am not sure how Natsu is battling Zeref now with his Demon and Dragon (Igneel) powers gone, especially considering the lack of enhancements Natsu has received since his last failed encounter with Zeref. I’m sure if Zeref wanted, he could easily dispose of Natsu, but obviously their battle is being stretched until an element capable of turning the tide appears in front of Natsu. Zeref’s curse should be affecting Natsu and even if that is not happening, Zeref has a mountain of spells at his disposal to utilise – maybe a few water themed spells would help during this battle to cool down Natsu. However Zeref and Acnologia are defeated, if they are defeated in this arc, I don’t believe the method is going to be a satisfactory one free of plot-induced bias. Natsu is going to win because ‘his soul burns “hotter”‘.

August, what is his deal and what relevance does he serve considering his coverage alongside major antagonist such as Zeref and Acnologia. August will be the first to be defeated but why has he been saved for last out of all the Spriggan 12? Irene currently holds more relevance and importance than August, so if August still remains, his role in the current events should be substantial. What makes him so important? And does August have a daughter given his speech and intrigue in Gildarts and Cana’s relationship?

Fairy Tail Chapter 524 - Cana cast Fairy Glitter

Well that was absolutely badass!

Well done to Cana, despite the lack of effect Fairy Glitter had on August, it was cool to see her determined and resolved against an overwhelming opponent. The way she manifested her emotions into magic was fantastic. It is a shame that during the few battles Cana has awakened Fairy Glitter in, it hasn’t really done much to her opponents i.e. Bluenote and now August, ironically Gildarts was the opponents of both characters. What is great about the current events though is the ease with which Cana was able to draw out the magic of Fairy Glitter, this conveys how adept Cana has become at using one of three Great Fairy Magics of Fairy Tail. Hopefully Cana is not forgotten and she has a continued role in this battle against August.

I wonder if we will get Acnologia’s story in this arc or whether it will be postponed for a future arc. What exactly made Acnologia discard the value of life and spiral down into the darkness of hatred and insanity? How does Zeref plan to steal Fairy Heart from Mavis? And if he can’t acquire Fairy Heart, how does he plan to defeat Acnologia? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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