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Fairy Tail Chapter 521 – The Final Spriggan

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Fairy Tail chapter 521 - Gildarts VS August

The Titans collide and the destruction signals their presence

So in the end August is the last of the twelve to remain in fighting condition. Expected but pleasantly surprised to see the other remaining Spriggan members dealt with in quick succession – doesn’t look like Universe One reversing split them up. Sad to see no sign of Jellal, especially when he was still willing himself on to stop August the last we seen him. Hopefully he makes a grand appearance soon as he hasn’t really done much this arc and the opponents to stop are gradually reducing. With Gildarts now keeping August busy, the logical place for Jellal to head is for the Fairy Tail building where Zeref is located or has he instead went where Erza is?

It is a shame that Irene never got to meet Jellal, he for one would understand Irene and the burden that goes with having bathed in the shadows of darkness. If Irene had met Jellal, she may have helped him shed his guilt and self-hatred and inspire him to finally embrace the light that is Erza. I feel Irene would have really liked Jellal and that both would be inspired by each other and their love for Erza.

While it was great to see the Spriggan members who had recovered from their earlier defeats dealt with quickly, it is a shame for Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna as they didn’t get much focus to be highlighted in battle. It isn’t so bad for Mirajane as she had a badass moment earlier in the arc against Irene’s enchanted swords, but Elfman and Lisanna could have used with a bit more focus. At the very least it highlights the capabilities of Mirajane, Elfman and Lisanna when matched against relatively powerful opponents and coming out victorious.

Fairy Tail chapter 521 - Lucy and Brandish

Even with her attempting to subdue her emotions, she can’t help but react to Lucy’s warmth

Nice to see Brandish carrying Dimaria. Despite what happened, Brandish still intends to retain the bond she has with Dimaria and Dimaria doesn’t seem to be completely against that with her requesting Brandish to save her from Natsu whom earlier went E.N.D. on her. Brandish cherishes the bond she formed with Lucy and beyond her fear that they are all doomed with August angered, she wishes deep down that she will be able to meet with Lucy and Natsu again. Which is an inevitable possibility now that Gildarts has shown up.

Gildarts’s entrance was grand, crashing down from the sky to attack August and crumble the Cathedral in the process. He doesn’t hold back does he? Been waiting for this battle when it was mentioned that August was the strongest mage in the Spriggan 12. This match-up should be a spectacle to see with each factions respective top mage taking on each other. August even looked like he startled by Gildarts power and sheer destructive capabilities of his magic.

Fairy Tail chapter 521 - Gray meets Zeref

Just what exactly are planning Gray? It can’t be…

Does Gray intend to sacrifice himself to stop Zeref and save Natsu? It is obvious that Gray feels the weight of his attempts in trying to kill Natsu when he was driven by his Devil Slaying Magic and now that he knows Natsu and Zeref’s lives are linked, does he plan to use Iced Shell on Zeref to entrap/seal him? Ice Shell wouldn’t kill Zeref but seal him which would lead to Natsu being saved. I don’t think Gray believes he can defeat Zeref through a normal magic battle with the condition he is currently in, so he must have some sort of plan. Gray separated from the others to get to Zeref first for a reason and the humour he is displaying at the end of the chapter suggest to me that he really does intend to sacrifice himself to save everyone. Looking forward to seeing what Gray has planned!


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