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One Piece Chapter 855 – The Chef And The Captain

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Food for a friend

Food for a friend

Even though I had to expected Brook to have hidden the Poneglyph imprints within his skull/afro, what an awesome development it is to see it actually come about, especially when revealed in the context of the odds being stacked completely against Brook. I’m glad his moment wasn’t stolen but instead enhanced by Brook being the first person to steal an imprint of the Poneglyph right from under Big Mom (Roger didn’t steal one, he just read it). Big Mom had Brook in her possession and still failed to prevent her ‘treasures’ from being stolen. Now, she is going to fail to prevent the escape of Brook and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates. The fake Brook is going to fool Big Mom and it is going to be hilariously amazing.

Why didn’t Bobbin report the location of Sanji and what he had done, surely that would have been the best course of action to ensure the objective of Big Mom is accomplished. Given that Bobbin has been revealed as ‘the fixer’, I assume Bobbin neglected to share the information and instead proceeded to pursue Sanji in order to ‘fix’ the situation. Sanji sure does get stuck fighting the weird opponents. Well whatever is driving Bobbin in keeping the information to himself, he is indirectly assisting the Straw Hats Pirates in staying out of the information net of the Big Mom Pirates. Also based on his comments, I assume Bobbin will end up battling Sanji at some point this arc. Given that he brushed off a passionate kick from Sanji, we can surmise that Bobbin is atleast physically durable and weird, so an potential battle against Sanji should be interesting.

The longer the arc goes on, the more I am beginning believe that Sanji won’t face one of the two remaining Sweet Commanders before the arc concludes, instead he will matched up against one of the lower Big Mom Pirates members e.g. Bobbin. Personally, I am hoping a statement is made for Sanji’s return, one that involves Sanji getting the battle focus he sorely missed prior the Wholecake Island Arc. The same in regards to Jinbe, he deserves a moment to express boldly and wholeheartedly ‘I am here! I am a Straw Hat Pirate!’ Considering that the Wholecake Island Arc is serving to highlight Sanji and Jinbe, it would be fitting if those two get strong opponents to be matched up against. Moments that compel the audience to care about the characters in focus. Moments that exhilarate and excite the audiences interest in those characters. And moments that won’t be forgotten easily.

Nice one Jinbe!

Nice one Jinbe!

Operation Brook Retrieval, a resounding success despite that bloodthirst from Big Mom and her soul companions for anything remotely annoying. Hilarious how over the top and extreme Big Mom and her soul companions can be to minute interferences – poor fly. Guess we have an idea for what she does to people who piss her off completely, which is what the Straw Hat Pirates are going do. Once Big Mom finds out what the Straw Hat Pirates have done and are currently doing, her rage will be unleashed. The Straw Hat Pirates are using her resources against her, they have managed to break into her vault, secure imprints of the Poneglyphs, escape with them, and soon Big Mom’s plan to steal the Germa will explode right in front of her face. Waves of terrible news is what awaits Big Mom. Plus Pudding will be getting her just desserts very soon. Without Big Mom or her crew even realising it, everything she had planned is rapidly crumbling away.

Chopper and Carrot really managed to turn the tide in the Straw Hat Pirates favour by capturing Brulee. Without being able to use mirror world, they wouldn’t have been able to save their nakama let alone move around unchecked. Thanks to Brulee, the Straw Hats Pirates can complete their objectives and safely escape from Big Mom’s territory.


Brook managed the impossible

The Tamatebako is a major plot device this arc, so how exactly is Oda-sensei planning to use it? The build-up to the Tamatebako suggest that the explosion will be triggered once opened and as Big Mom is currently in possession of it and has expressed her desire to open it during the Wedding, she will be the one caught in the explosion. With the Wedding being the focal event of the Wholecake Island Arc, it seems unlikely that the opening of the Tamatebako will be postponed for a future arc. The Tamatebako will be opened in the Wholecake Island Arc and Big Mom will likely end up being caught in center of the explosion. Whether this will be occur in the context of creating an opportunity for the Straw Hats Pirates to escape or whether it will lead into a Luffy VS Big Mom battle, what is guaranteed is the statement the Straw Hat Pirates will make in challenging the Yonko of the New World.

Will Big Mom be defeated this arc? The developments in the story support both for and against yet the one question that ties in completely with this answer is whether Luffy is ready to face a Yonko. Luffy has already defeated one Big Mom’s commanders and has still continued to operate since than without anything to eat. Once rejuvenated by the food Sanji made, could he make the next step and challenge a Yonko? Big Mom will likely be weakened by the Tamatebako explosion once she opens the box and I believe Luffy has a natural resilience against Big Mom’s soul stealing power with his own will and ironclad spirit. It events and occurrences line up for Luffy, I can see him defeating a weakened Yonko in his current state. If this is to occur though, the final of Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders needs to make an appearance (or should) and both Smoothie and Katakuri need to be defeated in this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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