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Fairy Tail Chapter 520 – The Scarlet Bond

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Fairy Tail chapter 520 - Erza and Irene

Is this really how it will end? Irene…

In the end, it doesn’t seem fair, does it? Irene, who loved so much and gave so much for humanity, found herself continually mocked by the hands of fate. Irene didn’t get the chance to get to know Erza, to spend quality time together with her and to be a parent to her daughter. Irene was broken by the subjects of her love and cast down into a spiral filled with suffering and anguish eventually being overwhelmed by madness where she found herself driven by the desire to kill her own daughter. Since being imprisoned by her husband, it was moments of suffering followed by moments of suffering. Only at the end did Irene come to reclaim back the humanity slowly being lost within her rage. Still, it would have been inspiring and heart-warming if Irene had gotten the opportunity to be a mother and the chance to share her life with her daughter.

I wished for such an outcome for Irene so much. I wanted her to live a life filled with happiness and to have the opportunity to make amends for the bad things she had done while in a state of pain and confusion. I didn’t want the tragedy and sorrow to define Irene’s character but instead help open the door to a future she could have. We have had enough parents dying, I wanted Irene to be the exception or at least experience what being parent is like. Gray lost Ur and later Silver, Wendy lost Grandeeney, Gajeel lost Metalicana, Natsu lost Igneel, Sting lost Weisslogia, Rogue lost Skiadrum, Lucy lost Layla and later Jude, Brandish lost Grammi, everyone lost Makarov. Should I fear something bad happening to Gildarts soon? Before Irene even got the chance to be a parent, she met such a fate. I want to believe so much that Irene is still alive but with her Universe One spell being dispelled, it makes it hard to convince myself that Irene hasn’t passed on. What a soul-crushing conclusion to the story of the Scarlet bond but here’s to hoping.

Such a sorrowful and tragic life Irene endured. She sacrificed her humanity for her people only to be hated, feared and imprisoned. She was a victim of circumstance who had no one else to rely on beside her own will and the unborn Erza within her womb. Only when Irene could see the result of her sacrifice did she recall the person she was. Irene deserved a chance to be a mother and to right the wrongs she had done while in a stressed state of mind. What makes Irene’s circumstance even more unfair is how easily it took Natsu to shrug off the Dragon and Demon Seeds within him that were slowly killing him.

Fairy Tail chapter 520 - Natsu declares what he is

Really? That easy?

If Natsu can will the Demon and Dragon seeds inside himself to be destroyed, why couldn’t Irene do the same with her hatred and misplaced desires? Natsu was presented with a choice and made a decision and because of that he avoided the death fated for him. Couldn’t Irene have done the same considering the immense will she displayed when she developed the Dragon Slaying Magic, endured three years of torture and held Erza within her womb for 403 years? What Natsu has endured does not even compare or come close to comparing to what Irene has been through. It does become spectacularly annoying when certain characters receive special treatment just so they can avoid a fate another character not them could not escape. The fact that this happened in the same chapter makes it even more numbing. Natsu survives because of  a cheerful ‘I am human’ and on the other hand Irene, who recalls her love for Erza, could not stop herself from harming Erza without stabbing herself? I certainly hope Irene is still alive so this complete contrast in handling of characters doesn’t continue to be a complete joke. Irene should not have died if all it took for Natsu to destroy the Demon and Dragon Seeds within him is a statement of conviction.

Fairy Tail chapter 520 - Universe One ends

I don’t have a good feeling about this…

At the very least Irene should be alive in some shape or form. If Irene could enchant a blade into a living being, and enchant her own personality into another being, wouldn’t this mean it is possible for Irene to enchant herself into Erza’s blade? Irene was in direct contact with the blade as she plunged the blade into her stomach, so if she was going to enchant herself into something in that moment, it would be Erza’s sword. It would be really cool if Irene enchanted herself into Erza’s magic, weapons and/or armor. Ah, I pray this bitter conclusion for an awesome character gets a sweet twist.

Fairy Tail is an immensely enjoyable manga and I love the characters within the story but this is one of the few times where I am deeply annoyed with how Mashima-sensei is handling the treatment of his characters. I don’t have a problem with Natsu surviving in a ridiculous way, what I have a problem with is the inconsistency in the handling of the characters not the main cast. I wonder if Natsu has even destroyed the magic connecting his life with Zeref’s through that statement too. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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