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One Piece Chapter 854 – Surfacing Emotions

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One Piece chapter 854 - Sanji attacks Bobbin

Nice, Sanji!

Thank goodness Sanji, you have finally come back to your senses and realised what you need to do…Now run Sanji, run! Luffy is waiting for you! Starving himself to express how much the Straw Hat Pirates need you. Pushing himself passed his limits to keep the promise he made with you. Save Luffy, Sanji!!

Big Mom conceived the plan to steal the Germa from the Vinsmokes and massacre everyone not her family there after. She plans to pave the path to Raftel with death, destruction and deceit. The primary party playing the guide to hell for the Vinsmokes and the Straw Hat Pirates is Pudding. She ensnared them with her innocence (save Reiju), misled them with her guilt of robbing Sanji from his nakama (save Reiju), and mocked them all through the love Sanji has for her. Now Pudding and Big Mom plan to entrap all the Vinsmoke family members in a rain of bullets as they process the complete betrayal of their new allies. The signal to begin the massacre starts with Sanji’s death, a bloody precursor to the Wedding filled with death and betrayal. Yet unbeknownst to Big Mom and her family, the secret of Pudding’s role within the upcoming slaughter has already been exposed and measures are being taken to completely interfere with Big Mom’s carefully laid plans. An interference on the level matching Dressrosa, where everything Big Mom has planned will be shattered along with their power.

One Piece chapter 854 - Big Mom's plan

The massacre Big Mom envisions

Internal fractures have already started forming within the Big Mom Pirates as the fear of Big Mom leads Opera into lying about what happened with Luffy and Nami. Opera knows what will happen if he reveals the truth about him failing to keep the prisoners in prison, he knows Big Mom will have no hesitation in sucking his soul dry – like what happened with Moscato. Big Mom becomes cold-hearted towards those who get in her way and those who have served their purpose. As such Opera has prioritised his survival and lied to everyone about Jinbe rebelling against the Big Mom Pirates and rescuing Luffy and Nami. Mont-d’Or suspects Opera is hiding something but when Mont-d’Or does find out the truth, will it be too late?

One Piece chapter 854 - The Big Mom Pirates

The double-edged sword of information

The Big Mom Pirates celebrations are definitely premature, especially with them placing complete confidence in the information they’ve received. It is quite amusing when you realise the strength of the Big Mom Pirates (information gathering) is now rapidly being used against them in a fatal way. The Big Mom Pirates have been spoiled by the abundance of information they receive that now none questions the accuracy of the information, well besides Mont-d’Or who suspects Opera. Thanks to the different Big Mom Pirate groups having reported the capture of the Straw Hat Pirates and allies across the Island just before their demise, the Big Mom Pirates have been lulled into a false sense of control. They have blinded themselves to the actuality of what is really happening.

The Big Mom Pirates believe all enemies opposing them have been accounted for and handled. They believe Sanji is sleeping soundly away in his room unaware of the decision Sanji has arrived at thanks to Bobbin trying to eat the meat in Sanji’s food basket. Sanji has realised what the Straw Hat Pirates mean to him and how inspired he is subconsciously by his nakama when cooking. The food Sanji made for Pudding consisted of the favourite foods of the Straw Hat Pirate members. Upon realising this, Sanji has now become aware of what he needs to do and wants to do.

One Piece chapter 854 - Jinbe

I was curious as to the options on the roulette wheel

So Jinbe did not spin the wheel once becoming aware of the death and utter hopelessness emanating from the wheel. This explains the news that spread about Jinbe ‘backing down’ from leaving the Big Mom Pirates alliance. Smart move by Jinbe to avoid spinning the wheel, especially with the outcomes being stacked against the user. At best you lose, at worse you lose.

Happy to see that Brook managed to injure Prometheus, even if he was captured in the end. The fact that Brook was the first opponent to have caused damage to Prometheus speaks volumes to the potential of Brook’s Devil Fruit against Big Mom’s Soru Soru no Mi. Excited to see how Brook is rescued and whether he will have key role against weakening Big Mom’s soul ‘clones’.

It has become apparent that Big Mom will say whatever she has to to fool those she plans to use and kill. Even in regards to her children, Big Mom has no qualms causing harm to them or killing them. As such a fear for Big Mom has been created with her family and crew that ultimately led to the current situation where the Big Mom Pirates are being manipulated by the out of date information and incorrect reports. Sanji will save Luffy and Luffy will be rejuvenated once he has had the food Sanji has made. Once they regroup, I believe will they make the decision to stop Big Mom as both won’t want Reiju to die. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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