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Fairy Tail Chapter 519 – The Bond Between Mother And Daughter

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Fairy Tail Chapter 519 - Irene and Erza

When it all crumbles away, what remains?

No matter the pain Irene had to endure, no matter the years of torment she was broken by, no matter the loss she had suffered, when it came to her daughter, Irene could not forsake herself. She could not stop acknowledging the love she had for her daughter. Despite the act of abandonment, Irene had good intentions and ultimately feared Erza falling victim to her growing insanity. Irene knew the danger the darkness growing inside her represented and did not want the smile full of purity and hope that made her feel human again to disappear from Erza. Consequently, Irene left Erza at Rosemary Village to give her a future.

Irene’s current state is a reflection of her desperate attempts to silence her own heart, be it the despair of losing her humanity, the hatred she felt for those who betrayed her or the realisation that she wanted to do harm to her daughter. Desiring to fully submerge herself within the darkness, Irene cast whatever light she had within her into the shadows but in the end the love Irene has for Erza could not be discarded. Irene could not escape the reality that she is intimately connected to Erza and has memories with Erza that reminded her of being a mother. Those memories of Erza as a baby with a smile full of warmth resurfaced at the sight of Erza defiantly smiling in the face of despair. Through the recollection of her past, Irene was able to regain consciousness over her pain and find a moment to put a stop to herself before committing something truly regrettable.

Fairy Tail Chapter 519 - Erza VS Irene

Driven by an unyielding will to never give up, Erza prepares to stop her mother

In the past, Irene could not bring herself to cast the Persona Enchantment onto her own daughter after witnessing the purity, warmth and love of Erza, a life that she created. And 27 years later, nothing has changed, Irene still holds feelings of love towards Erza. When faced with the decision to choose between Erza and herself, Irene chooses her daughter again. Irene could not bring herself to kill her daughter and instead plunged Erza’s sword within her own body to stop herself. Such actions illustrates the humanity remaining within Irene and how despite the void aching within her, she still holds dear her relationship with her daughter. She loves Erza and deep down would keep sacrificing herself to ensure that her daughter survived.

Fairy Tail Chapter 519 - Irene's resolve

In order to protect her daughter, she stopped herself

Thanks to Erza and Wendy, Irene has recalled who she is and has regained sanity over her despair. Irene may have impaled Erza’s sword through her stomach but with Wendy at the scene, I don’t believe Irene has any risk of dying. Brandish is also around somewhere, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she arrives soon and shrinks the wound on Irene. Irene likely won’t die (or at least I want to believe so) and the resolve she displayed overcoming her madness with love will subsequently help her walk a new path, one not driven by despair and hatred. Irene deserves the chance to get to know the person her daughter has become.

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what happens to Irene. Also looking forward to the outcome with Natsu and the Dragon and Demon seeds within him. Will Irene’s enchantment magic be of any use in helping save Natsu?

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