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Fairy Tail Chapter 518 – Erza And Irene

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Fairy Tail chapter 518 - Erza bears her spirit

Go for it Erza!!!

In a state of utter dismay and hatred, Irene bears her enchantments and claws at her very own daughter seeking to ease the despair gnawing away at the shadows of her mind. Fueled by rage and the madness overwhelming her, Irene unleashes her Dragon form and summons a meteorite to crush Erza beneath. Erza in turn acknowledging her mother’s misfortune underlying her sins conveys the spirit she inherited from her mother in the form of an act intended to stop her mother. Will the disconnection between the two finally find a common ground?

Regardless of what Irene has stated, I still believe she can be saved. Irene loved Erza, she sacrificed her humanity for her daughter, she endured centuries at the expense of her own well-being to ensure Erza had a future. Those acts weren’t for nothing. The misfortune of circumstance warped Irene’s mind into the one embraced by madness and despair compelling her into her current state. Irene is not a bad person. Once she opens her eyes to the strength and warmth of Erza, she will come to realise the value of her sacrifice. Irene saved Erza while Erza was still in her womb, and now Erza will save Irene from the despair overwhelming her. It is time for the daughter to show how much like her mother she is.

Fairy Tail chapter 518 - Erza VS Irene

Erza shares the tragedy in her past but acknowledges the pain Irene had to endure for 400 years

I really can’t stop feeling immense sorrow for Irene. If certain things didn’t happen or if there were someone there to believe in her, things may not have ended up so tragically. All the pain and suffering Irene had to endure transformed her. It broke her and twisted her. She has become so fixated on her past of being a human, she has become blind to what is in front of her – the daughter she once cared so much for. With Erza now unleashing every fiber of being into her attack to stop the meteorite, will Irene come to see just what she sacrificed so much for? Will Irene see the daughter in front of her?

Erza may not have any memories of Irene but despite the negativity she could have felt towards her mother for both abandoning her and now trying to kill her, Erza instead feels an immense level of gratitude towards her mother conveyed by the lack of malice Erza feels towards Irene and her understanding of Irene’s misfortune. Erza acknowledges that it is because of what Irene did that she is who she is, the choices Irene made in her life helped Erza arrive at the point where she was able to meet Fairy Tail and become part of their ‘family’. Erza even takes pride in the title of Titania she was given now that she is aware of the title her mother once held i.e. the Queen of Dragons. Erza expressed her lack of interest in her title Titania but with her mother being the Queen of Dragons, Erza now finds her title as the Queen of Fairies an aptly fitting one. Despite Erza’s intentions to stop her mother, she does not hate her.

Fairy Tail chapter 518 - Erza takes pride in her Titania title

Will Erza be able to help Irene?

With this seemingly final attack from Erza before she depletes whatever energy she has left, what will Irene see in her daughter? What will Irene realise in her self? And where will the two find themselves in regards to their bond? I believe a positive outcome is awaiting the two, so very much looking forward to the next chapter.


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