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Fairy Tail Chapter 517 – Irene’s Madness And Wendy’s Pride

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Fairy Tail chapter 517 - Wendy overwhelms Irene

Within that tiny body an immense spirit resides

Despite the gap in magical abilities, Wendy manages to push beyond her limits and reach a state allowing her to utilise Enchantment Magic matching Irene’s level. Even with Irene’s twisted desire to remain within Wendy and start anew, Wendy’s desire to return to the body holding her memories, in the form of her scars, of the times she shared with those precious to her overwhelmed Irene. Now once again, mother and daughter face off against each other.

Comparable to how Irene developed Dragon Slayer Magic when motivated by the bonds she shared with her kingdom and the Dragons, Wendy taught herself the Persona Enchantment Magic when driven by the desire to protect those she cares about. It was an unlikely outcome, yet through sheer will, Wendy managed to achieve a full persona enchantment. And thanks to Irene abandoning her body, Wendy was able to transfer her Persona into one capable of overwhelming Irene. Through Irene’s body, Wendy gained the ability to utilise Enchantment Magic of a stronger variety than the spells she could manage in her own body. It may have been a calculated risk on Irene’s part to abandon her body when there was another Enchanter around but unfortunately, or should I say fortunately for her, Wendy was able to prevent Irene from doing something immensely regrettable. Irene’s pain has become her reality and beyond clinging onto the false hope that a new body will save her, she has become blind to everything else. Her despair has driven her to the point of madness.

Fairy Tail chapter 517 - Wendy VS Irene

Imagine the magic Wendy could learn if she had a teacher of Irene’s capabilities

The Irene of the past wasn’t that much different from the current Fairy Tail mages full of heart and hope. Yet, through an undeserved fate, Irene’s perspective in life warped and transformed into one void of love and warmth. Her transformation into a Dragon changed her but I believe it was her treatment as a human feared by the masses that hurt her deeply. No one tried to understand her or help her, it is no wonder that her hope in humanity diminished the longer she had to bear the weight of everyone’s hatred and disdain. Her heart suffered greatly as a result. Additionally, I feel her desire to become human again may very well have stemmed from the fear and disgust others directed towards her while she was undergoing the Dragon transformation. Would things have developed differently if Irene had a ‘Fairy Tail’ of her own to belong to?

Fairy Tail chapter 517 - Wendy's pride

Wendy may be young but she has certainly grown a lot since joining Fairy Tail

Irene somewhat reminds me of Ultear in her desperate attempts to create a ‘new’ start for herself. Both wanted to have the opportunity to live a life they wished to have; one not filled with pain and suffering. They forsake everything in order to achieve that ‘salvation’. They both believed new starts would lead them to the happiness they seek. Ultear was saved back then, so I have to wonder now, will Irene be met with a similar fate? I feel once Irene REALLY looks at Erza, she will understand the result of her sacrifices and the weight of the love she has long since forgotten. In Erza, Irene will be able to see her own self. A self that she needs to remember. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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