One Piece Chapter 852 – Vinsmoke Reiju

One Piece chapter 852 - Sanji's strength

Reiju really is her mother’s daughter

After hinting at Reiju’s true character throughout the Totto Land Arc, Oda-sensei finally confirms the good inside her and proves that like Sanji, she is the exception to the ‘Vinsmoke way’. Regardless of what Reiju has done in the past, she deserves a second chance. She is aware of her sins, of the weight her choices hold, and of the consequences her actions bring. Reiju understands the pain she has caused and the fate that awaits her. She believes judgement will eventually smash down on her crimes crushing her very life along with those sins. She seeks redemption and believes death can only provide that for her. Even if they were few, Reiju does not realise the good she has done. And for what it is worth, Reiju has become a Ray of Light to Sanji and I hope she comes to realise that.

Ever since her introduction and her act of saving Luffy, I’ve had a good feeling about her and chapter by chapter as the Arc progressed, I began to believe more in Reiju and in the fact that she cares about Sanji. Which is why I am glad Oda-sensei has finally revealed Reiju as a sister who genuinely cares about her younger brother. Despite her body being modified, Reiju knows what she has done and accepts the evil her actions have contributed towards. Reiju’s ability to filter her actions through an unbiased perspective conveys the remorse and regret she feels. Through the plans of Big Mom, Reiju seeks to destroy the Germa 66 and to give Sanji the opportunity to escape with the Straw Hat Pirates. Reiju wants to help free Sanji from the shackles the Vinsmoke family have so unjustly bound Sanji by. For someone who understands the beauty of the friendship Luffy shares with his nakama, I refuse to believe that such a person is destined for a sorrowful end. Reiju may have done some unconscionable acts but she definitely does deserve the chance to express how kind and human she is.

One Piece chapter 852 - Reiju's intentions

Reiju’s true feelings about the Germa 66 and her own part in their terror

At the same time as complying with her father’s orders, Reiju managed to deceive him and not only once but at least twice. Regardless of how influenced Reiju is by her modifications and Judge, she has shown herself as having the capability to follow through with what she believes is right. This is why she was able to go behind Judge’s back and save Sanji when they were younger and now use a fake wrist lock on Sanji to fool their father. When it came to Sanji, Reiju acted like a big sister protecting her younger brother. Reiju may be currently burdened by the sins she has committed but I sincerely hope she comes to realise that there is a path forward for her to take, one not filled with death and inhumanity. Reiju has shown that she too is a reflection of her mother’s love and kindness.

One Piece chapter 852 - Sola's sacrifice

A mother’s love for her children

Sola, you truly were angelic. How did someone so pure like you end up with someone so obsessed by war and power like Judge. Were they arranged to be married? Or was it that Judge was a totally different person than the one we currently know in the past? If so, did something happen to change Judge? I am interested to learn more about Judge’s past and why he feels so strongly about returning the Vinsmoke family to their former glory and status. Regardless of what happened, Judge shouldn’t have modified his children. He should have definitely listened when Sola disagreed with his method of adjusting their children’s DNA. Sadly though, when it became apparent that Judge wouldn’t yield, Sola ingested a life threatening drug that had the potential of interfering with the lineage factor. Sola was willing to sacrifice her own life to ensure that the hearts of her children were not erased. Sola did not want her children to become tools for war.

One Piece chapter 852 - Reiju's belief in Luffy

Even after only a few encounters, Reiju already realises the strength in the friendship between Luffy and Sanji

Sanji’s innocence must have been such a comforting moment for Sola. Even if Ichiji, Niji and Yonji were still driven by the lineage factor, she had one child who was saved. Still, hopefully not all is lost in regards to her other three sons. Hopefully, they too find their hearts their mother wished for them to retain. The Germa 66 will not be destroyed in this Arc, so I am looking forward to seeing how Oda-sensei goes about covering them in the future. And I really do wonder, what would the Germa 66 be like if it were led by someone like Reiju. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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