[Analysis] One Piece – The Objectives On Wholecake Island

One Piece chapter 822 - Luffy and Co. depart for Wholecake Island

Luffy helps the group set off their new adventure

The Straw Hat Pirates haven’t long since left Fishman Island to enter the New World, but within the short time they have been in the New World they have caused a tumultuous stir within the Sea, especially among some of the major powers within the New World. Big Mom being one of them. With Big Mom forcing Sanji into an impossible situation, the Straw Hat Pirates have entered her territory to take him back. Among that objective though, several other missions have revealed themselves as needing to be accomplished before they leave. They include:

1) The main objective for breaking into Yonko territory – the rescue of Sanji;

2) The secondary objective related directly to the Straw Hat Pirates journey towards the end of the Grand Line – getting an imprint of the Road Poneglyph in Big Mom’s possession;

3) Rescuing Caesar and getting his heart back. It has been while since his gaseous personality has graced the pages of the manga, but the air of his existence has not been forgotten by the Straw Hat Pirates. It would be incredibly cool if Sanji meets Caesar (and any allies he was able to make) and works together with him to create a situation to foil the Big Mom Pirates plans. While Caesar has done terrible things in the past, his skills and knowledge as a scientist make him incredibly valuable. The Straw Hat Pirates definitely don’t want him falling into the wrong people’s hands as they could cause some serious damage with Caesar’s weapons and scientific skills;

4) Reclaiming back Pedro’s lost 50 years which he had stolen from him when he broke into Wholecake Island five years ago to “steal” the Poneglyphs the Big Mom Pirates stole. With him resolving to sacrifice his life to assist the Straw Hat Pirates rescue Sanji and steal an imprint of the Road Poneglyph, I cannot see the Straw Hat Pirates not making this an objective. He has already become a nakama to them (even if not part of their crew) and Pedro will not die;

5) Stop the Big Mom Pirates from killing the Vinsmoke Family. This may not be on top of the Straw Hat Pirates to do list, but with Sanji now aware of Pudding’s true character and Big Mom’s objective for creating the alliance with Germa 66, I believe Sanji will make an effort to see that Big Mom’s plans are stopped. Even if Sanji hates his family, he isn’t one to abandon them when he knows they are in danger, after all they are still his family even if he says he rejects them. I also don’t see Luffy not repaying Reiju back for saving his life, he wouldn’t be against helping her and the rest of the Vinsmoke family;

6) Recruit Jinbe. It is inevitable that he will join, it has been inevitable for a long while now (since Luffy invited him into the crew) and right now is the perfect opportunity to finalise Jinbe severing his ties with Big Mom (by completely messing up her plans) and recruiting him into the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy definitely won’t rest until he gets Jinbe to say “yes”. Whatever Jinbe landed on in regards to Big Mom’s roulette wheel of misfortune, it is still relevant to the arc and the Straw Hat Pirates will make sure that whatever it is, they will escape with Jinbe;

7) Find out what happened to Pekoms and if need be save/rescue him;

8) Free the captured prisoners and “collections”. While this hasn’t been mentioned as something that needs to be done, with Luffy, Nami, and Jinbe in the Prisoner Library now, I don’t see why they shouldn’t free the prisoners who all have a reason to fight against their captive, Big Mom. The potential chaos the released prisoner’s can cause is exactly what the Straw Hat Pirates need to throw the Big Mom Pirates into disarray and buy themselves enough time to turn the tables. Luffy may even make some future allies from freeing the prisoners (just like during the Dressrosa Arc);

One Piece Chapter 847 - Big Mom's Library

My goodness, how many poor souls are trapped inside books?

9) Give Pudding her just deserts. Pudding betrayed Sanji’s trust, love and good faith and played Luffy. There is no way this arc is concluding without karma coming back around to pay Pudding back for her deception and heartlessness.

10) “Defeat” Big Mom and make Fishman Island part of the Straw Hat Pirates territory. Luffy stated that he will. Luffy made the declaration of War and challenged Big Mom to it, so with him right now in Big Mom’s territory and embroiled so deeply in her business, it seems like a good moment to make true on that challenge and steal away Fishman Island from Big Mom by “defeating” her.

One aspect I am really curious about is how Luffy and Co. will escape and what exactly is going to happen during that moment because it is expected that something shocking will take place as the Straw Hat Pirates + allies exit Wholecake Island and Totto Land. Additionally, what will be the consequences of the Straw Hat Pirates actions within Totto Land once they leave, will it have any effect on the coming Reverie and their Straw Hat Pirate Alliance? Looking forward to seeing what Oda-sensei has planned.

>>When Will Big Mom Be Defeated?

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