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Fairy Tail – Irene Belserion, A Mother’s Sacrifice

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Irene Belserion - colour by Silestiya18 (http://silestiya18.deviantart.com)

Just you wait Irene, your daughter will save you – colour by Silestiya18

There are certain developments within Fairy Tail that I believe so strongly will happen that I can’t help but theorize about and structure my very perception around. Developments that arrest my thoughts and beckon my heart deeply and intensely. Among them is Irene Belserion being saved from her centuries long suffering and pain. For Irene to get the opportunity to feel human again and to experience what it is like to be a mother. I believe wholeheartedly in this.

Irene has lost herself and is now a shell of her former self, but deep inside her I still believe there exist the Irene Belserion of 400 years ago who wished for peace, the Irene who struggled alongside the Dragons for coexistence and peace, the Irene who endured torture, beatings and humiliation to protect her daughter, the Irene who was ready to give up her own life to ensure that the life of her daughter continued. I believe that despite the pain, suffering and despair that has overwhelmed Irene, she is not completely lost and is worth saving. There is significance in the reaction Irene had when she was in the Fiore Castle and sensed Erza outside. The connection between mother and daughter still exist.

Fairy Tail Chapter 483 - Irene Belserion

That scar tells the story of the endless love a mother has for her child

Through Irene’s upcoming battle against Erza, I believe the warmth Erza will express through her gratitude for her mother’s sacrifice for her that the despair immobilizing Irene’s heart will melt away and awaken her “human” self again. Irene has endured so much, been through so much, suffered so much, that I cannot see her sacrifices not being requited. It would be too cruel to have her not experience the joy and love of being a mother, to not know and appreciate what she sacrificed so much for. After everything Irene has done, all the pain she has been put through, all the years she spent in despair and agony, she definitely does deserve to have this – the chance to know Erza, the chance to be a mother.

Hidden beneath her despair and the hatred of others she had to endure, there exist an individual radiating with love and hope. A mother so overwhelming with love that she sacrificed her humanity to ensure that her daughter had a life to live. Irene kept Erza within her womb for THREE YEARS with her enchantment magic while imprisoned and tortured to save her from being born in such a horrid setting. And even after that when she forsake her humanity to embrace her Dragon essence in order to escape imprisonment, Irene kept Erza within her womb for HUNDREDS of years as she searched for a way to regain her humanity. The amount of effort Irene put into protecting Erza embodies the immense love she had (and still has deep down) for her daughter. And it is because of that unshakable resolve that I believe Irene would make a fantastic mother if given the chance.

Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Irene protecting Erza

She fought so hard to ensure Erza was able to be born into this world…that love, surely it will connect the two again

After Irene’s flashback, my heart with a BURNING INTENSITY truly wants, wishes, hopes to see Irene and Erza form a relationship. Irene’s sacrifices were worth it; everything she has endured, it was not for nothing. Her daughter, Erza, is incredible and through her battle against Erza, I’m sure Irene will slowly come to realise that and consequently come to see the reflection of her own love. I can’t wait to see what Mashima-sensei has planned for these two, really looking forward to the coming chapters.

The other developments that captivated and captivate my soul that my heart refused and refuses to let go of are:

  • Flare Corona not being bad and secretly longing to have friends (Validated);
  • Minerva Orland not being evil and actually misunderstood. It was her upbringing that molded her outlook on life and her trauma of the past that created the fear of failure and weakness within her (Validated);
  • Ultear Milkovich regaining her lost time. Without a doubt, this is the one development I believe the most in. For a character so representative of Fairy Tail to end up losing almost everything through her sacrifice, my heart refuses to believe that this is the end of her story. I want her to continue journeying with Jellal and Meredy and to continue to carry out Crime Sorcière’s purpose and intentions together with them – to never stop loving people and to protect them and their happiness. Ultear deserves a happy ending, I WANT her to have a happy ending and because of that I believe she will regain her lost time stolen away by the ‘Last Ages’ spell. The Goddess of Time Chronos may also be relevant in helping Ultear regain her lost time (Pending);
  • Gray will be the one to save Ultear. Gray has been continually saved by others (Ur, Ultear, Natsu, Silver, Juvia) and the sacrifices of both Ur and Ultear weight heavily on his heart. The fact that it was his actions that led to Ur’s death made him want to atone for his sins and weaknesses by sacrificing himself (just like Ultear) and now with Ultear sacrificing her ‘time’ to save him, there is no doubt that he feels an equally crushing weight. Once again, he was unable to save someone precious to him, he was unable to save the daughter of his master who he feels incredibly indebted towards. Deep down I bet Gray wished he could save Ultear and surely, there will come a time in the future when Gray gets the opportunity to repay Ur and Ultear for their sacrifices (Pending);
  • Magic is empowered by ones Love/Spirit. The two characters whom expresses this wholehearted are Natsu and Erza. When Erza’s five senses were disabled by Kyouka (chapter 403), it was her spirit that connected her with the spiritual flow of nature (‘The One Magic’?) allowing her to “sense” the world around her and fight without the use of her five senses. While this connection hasn’t been expressly confirmed, there are many instances in the manga that support love and spirit being the elements that empower ones magic (Pending);
  • Irene Belserion is Erza’s mother. Regardless of what Mashima-sensei tried to lead us to believe before he did confirm it, I couldn’t help but always come to back to the conclusion that Irene IS Erza’s mother (Validated);
  • Zeref will be saved. With his connection to Natsu and Mavis, and the development he has gotten, he WILL be saved. Zeref will not be killed after having suffered for so long and for so much. Mavis and/or Natsu will find a way to save Zeref. Too much focus has been placed on Zeref being a compassionate and loving individual for an end devoid of emotion to seal Zeref’s fate. (Pending).

Fairy Tail truly is a manga that touches my heart and warms my soul. Thank you Hiro Mashima.

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