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Fairy Tail Chapter 515 – Irene And Erza

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Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Irene protecting Erza

How cruel humanity can be…

Irene endured for her child, she lived for her child and she even sacrificed her own humanity to protect her child. It was not by choice, it was by circumstance. When everything else was falling down around her, it was her love for her daughter that empowered her, her love that wished to protect her daughter. I just cannot see this battle going on without those feelings and sacrifices being reciprocated. Irene may be trying to kill Erza now, but once upon time before her senses numbed and emotions froze, she lived to protect her Erza. If it is Erza, I am sure she will save her mother and make her feel again, feel what it is like to be a mother. Please save Irene, Erza…

I was afraid this would be the reason Irene lost faith in humanity; with her changing appearance and her taking on characteristics of a dragon, her once loyal supporters and even her own husband turned on her and locked her away. They feared her, they feared what she was becoming, they feared what they did not understand and so they imprisoned her. I doubt they could execute her immediately given what she had done for the Dragnov Kingdom when she was the Queen. The general public was most likely against her execution because they still believed in her. Her husband wanted everyone to see the monster he thought she was and so through the torture, beatings and public humiliation, he tried to break Irene and get her to confirm with everyone what he believed her to be. Over the course of three years, Irene’s support most likely diminished eventually leading to the decision to execute her to pass.

Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Irene attacked by her husband

In order to protect Erza…

It breaks my heart seeing the struggles and torment Irene had to endure and be subject to because of the fear, narrow-mindedness and weakness others held. All Irene wanted was peace and to protect her daughter, yet because of the fear of another Acnologia being born, she was put through so much. Irene had no choice when the life of her daughter was threatened, she had to throw away her humanity to save Erza, to save the daughter she valued more than her own life. Because of that I find the current events incredibly sorrowful; after everything Irene has done to protect Erza, she now stands against her daughter intending to kill her. It is too cruel a fate for someone once so filled with love and hope to be put through. Irene is not evil, she had to transform into a dragon and because of that, her senses and emotions were subsequently frozen. The love Irene has for Erza has been lost to her inability to feel. Her decision to enchant herself onto her daughter was also born from her inability to feel being twisted into a desire to be “human” again. Once Erza was born and Irene realised her enchantment had failed, in her eyes with her inability to feel, she subsequently abandoned Erza in Rosemary Village. After all her struggles, to be left in such a broken and void state, I can’t help but wish deeply with every fiber of my being for Irene to be saved.

The daughter Irene sacrificed so much for, how beautiful it would be if that daughter was the one to melt away the pain freezing Irene’s humanity and make her once again experience what it is like to feel again, to feel the hope and love she was once completely representative of. If it is Erza, I believe it is possible, she is her mother’s daughter after all. More than Erza’s experiences making her into such a mature and strong person, I believe it is because she is the daughter of Irene that she is such a compassionate and embracing individual. Erza has no reason to hate her mother and instead will express to her the gratitude she feels towards the pain her mother had to endure.

Fairy Tail chapter 515 - Erza

Please save your mother, Erza

Natsu’s survival may also be directly determined by how this fight is concluded. With the abnormality inside Natsu about to kill him, I wonder if Irene’s Enchantment Magic can in some way help to avoid such an end. That abnormality may be related to a Dragon Slayer transforming into a Dragon through overuse of their magic. Being a master at Enchantment Magic, I wouldn’t be surprised if Irene has the ability to save Natsu. And having once fallen to the side effect of Dragon Slayer magic, Irene may have an idea of how to avoid such a fate from affecting other Dragon Slayers. This action by Irene would also help represent a step forward by Irene once she makes the decision to change who she is. I believe in Irene. I believe in Erza. I believe in Mashima-sensei. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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