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One Piece Chapter 850-851 – Pudding’s Deception


One Piece chapter 850 - Big Mom's plan

Big Mom’s” plan revealed

Oh wow, so Pudding wasn’t who she made herself out to be, I am so glad. I am so glad the immense suspicion I had for Pudding and the uneasiness I felt from her character were correctly placed. I so wanted to believe in Pudding’s “pure” side but the imbalance of her character within the context of this arc made it painfully hard not to doubt her character. It was grating and unpleasant not to believe her kindness when there was no concrete reason to doubt her action, so I am glad, glad that I didn’t misjudge a character and blacken my heart in error. Pudding not being the kind and pure girl she pretended to be and instead being rotten to core also helps convey to myself that I am not as confused with the flow of this story arc as I had initially concluded.

The “Pudding” Sanji and the Straw Hat’s knew really was too good to be true. She was too kind-hearted, too innocent, and too normal to be real, especially with her being one of the daughters of Big Mom. I expressed my concerns in an earlier post, that Pudding may be just as twisted as Big Mom (if not more) and was getting her kicks from playing with Sanji’s emotions and feelings. This really turned out to be true, Pudding is finding immense satisfaction in belittling Sanji and mocking the very love he has for her (poor Sanji). Characters really are all about balance and right now with Pudding’s ‘true self’ revealed, her character makes sense; I now understand what her story is and what her purpose is. Plus her Memo Memo no Mi definitely does suit her with her gullible and rotten personality. She really does love to monologue her plans and this would be a problem if not for her ability to edit the memories of others. Fortunately Sanji, Luffy and Nami are now aware of her true self and I look forward to the day when Pudding gets what coming to her.

One Piece chapter 851 - Pudding's mockery of Sanji's love for her

What a despicable girl…

At least Sanji still has Nami and Robin and lets not forget about Viola! You still have a Princess waiting for you Sanji, one who appreciates who you are and who considers you to be her hero! Still, how incredibly brutal for Sanji to overhear such a conversation when he was high on his love for Pudding. To have all of that come crashing down with the abrupt revelation of Pudding’s true character and the disgust she has for him expressed through her insults and mockery. Sanji was genuinely in love with her and wanted to make a real future together with her. All of those feelings he had for Pudding, all of his heart which he dedicated to her, all of the love he felt for her, they were all callously ripped apart. What will Sanji do now that he knows the truth? His family still needs saving and even though they don’t care for him (save Reiju), they are still his family. Hopefully once he does save them, their family relationship can improve. At the very least, I believe (and hope) Sanji and Reiju will grow closer as siblings.

One Piece chapter 851 - Sanji heart-broken

He really did love her

Chopper and Carrot, with them now on route towards the Castle Mirrors, it seems likely they will arrive in time to save Brook. Based on Brook’s comment of resolving to ‘get away with the Road Poneglyph’ I believe he has already made the imprint of the Road Poneglyph. If Chopper and Carrot can save Brook, they will have completed one part of their mission. Props to Brook though, he has been exceptionally badass in this arc. Can’t wait to see more of the Soul King. Pedro is also getting some great coverage, I did not expect him to be as powerful as he displayed himself as being in chapter 850 – he seemly cut Baron Tamago in two but I seriously doubt their battle is over. Baron Tamago most likely used a Devil Fruit (an egg based fruit – Egg Egg no Mi?) to avoid Pedro’s strike. Can’t believe Pedro ripped out his own eye and sacrificed it to Big Mom to reduce his Life payment five years ago. That resolve he displayed will surely pay dividends now. And quite possibly once Luffy gets winds of the life Big Mom stole from Pedro, the Straw Hat Pirates will acquire another objective (along with saving the Vinsmoke family). Chopper and Carrot will definitely rescue everyone gather them within the Mirror World, so I look forward to see what Luffy decides once this happens.

One Piece chapter 851 - Jinbe saves Luffy and Nami


Jinbe, JINBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Finally, he has arrived to save Luffy and Nami and with this the Straw Hat Pirates can launch their counter attack. Free the other prisoners and drown Totto Land within chaos! Create some allies and disrupt the plans of a Yonko! Ah, it is so good to see Jinbe again and now it won’t be long until Jinbe officially becomes a Straw Hat Pirate. Take back your nakama and defeat Big Mom, Luffy! Super excited to see what happens nex- JINBEEEEEEE!

One Piece chapter 851 - Double Page Colour Spread

I’d like to think this colour spread is in tribute of Jinbe about to join the Straw Hat Pirates



6 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 850-851 – Pudding’s Deception

  1. I’m not so convinced about pudding. why else did she have that flashback regarding lola about leaving and how her mother controls her life. I’m going with my instincts and saying that pudding is a double-double agent for sanji and co.
    as for injuring reiju, sanji did mention to her that he hates his family, maybe she thought he wouldn’t care if reiju was hurt unaware that reiju is the only one that gives a damn about him (though I don’t fully like reiju either given she only helps sanji whenever it is convenient and is a coward, unwilling to help him against his family due to fear of being treated similarly like him).
    I think when sanji knocked on her door was when she knew he’d see her and put on that act.
    I think sanji did love her, but it was misguided as an attempt to escape from the situation he’s forced it, as he was blinded by zeff, his crew and his family blackmailing him. he was very vulnerable and emotional which is how it was easy to trick him.

    I think maybe jinbe can protect the baratie via the sun pirates or having shirahoshi use her sea king powers to protect them, and brook can get the keys from big mom and escape with chopper and carrot. I also just want sanji to beat the hell out of his bro’s and shitdad.

    • Regarding the flashback Pudding had of Lola leaving, I believe that scene was more to highlight Lola than Pudding as being different from the rest of the Big Mom’s children. If Pudding really is evil, it would have also served as a misdirection to Pudding’s true character at that point in time.

      Plus Oda-sensei having Pudding reveal her true intentions to Luffy while imprisoned pretty much confirms that Oda-sensei intends for Pudding to be a villain (Luffy was really REALLY pissed off at Pudding). If Pudding was secretly on the Straw Hat Pirates side, I don’t see why Oda-sensei would go out of his way and make the effort to create a situation where Luffy is forced to [almost] sacrifice his hands to escape (to stop Pudding), especially since there isn’t much time remaining until this arc ends – according to Oda-sensei’s message at Jump Festa 2017, the Reverie and Wano Arc(s) will begin next year (2017).

      Doubt we will see the end of the Germa 66 given the tight schedule of the Wholecake Island Arc, but as they will likely be relevant to future Arcs (the Reverie Arc and an arc related to Vegapunk?) and possibly the Straw Hat Pirates (after Sanji and Luffy defeat them), there lack of focus/conclusion shouldn’t be much of an issue at this point in time.

  2. I suppose, as it would be a HUGE twist if it was revealed that big mom’s “children” were only her kids via pudding’s memo memo no mi abilities and giving them false memories about them being her kids. as for sanji, I pray he at least gets close to 2nd base with nami after everything, I think maybe a kiss behind the scenes will charge him back up. that and if pudding is evil, nami is the one to kick her ass.

  3. Happy New Year =). Yay 2017!

    The Memo Memo no Mi does have a lot of room to create complications, so it should be interesting to see if any character’s memories were manipulated to make them conform with Big Mom’s desires. I could see a reveal being used to set a foundation for a future arc.

    I am also curious to find out the limitation of the Memo Memo no Mi. Why didn’t Big Mom use Pudding to “edit” the memory of Sanji from Luffy and Nami when she captured them, it is not like Pudding was against revealing her true nature to them. With the memories of Sanji edited into ones that blur out his existence, they should stop trying prevent the wedding from happening. The same with Jinbe, Big Mom could have used Pudding to edit Jinbe’s memories so he loses his desire to break away from the Big Mom Pirates. I suppose Pudding may only be able to edit recent memories or ones concerning herself =/. Her third eye is most likely the source of her editing ability and in short a weakness/vulnerability.

    Amusingly, if the World Government had the Memo Memo no Mi on hand when they captured Gol D. Roger, they could have used it to look into his memories to see what he has discovered on his journey through the Grand Line and where he hid his “treasure” i.e. where Raftel is located.

    Nami does need a moment to shine in battle this arc. Her exploitation of Lola’s vivre card was great, but Nami definitely needs a battle to be highlighted in.

  4. About sanjixviola i have to point out that sanji is a foil To Donquixote Doflamingo. Both came from wealthy backgrounds, with Doffy being a former World Noble and Sanji being the third son of the Vinsmoke family, a royal family of Underworld assassins and commanders of Germa 66 whose power and affluence are almost on par with the World Nobles. Both left their cushy lifestyles at a young age, but Sanji did it willingly because his relatives are criminal assassins, while Doffy had to discard his title as a World Noble because his father wanted him to learn how to live among the commoners their neighbors so often mistreated, which Doffy never quite got over even as an adult and has been trying to be accepted back into Marijoa ever since. Both are very formidable fighters, but Sanji is a physical fighter whose kicks are aided by Haki, while Doffy is a Devil Fruit user who, while no slouch in direct combat himself, tends to heavily rely on his powers. Both have a talent at being The Chessmaster, but Sanji uses his talents to help people while Doffy’s entire career lies in manipulating people and even caused an entire kingdom to suffer for it. Both Sanji and Doffy hate their fathers, but Sanji has a legitimate reason because Vinsmoke Jajji is a brutish man who believes in Might Makes Right and who wants to  conquer the North Blue just to demonstrate his family’s strength and power and he made sanji suffer out of his own cruelty, Meanwhile, Doffy’s father was kind and well-meaning, but his idea of making his family leave the World Nobles to live among the commoners made Doffy lash out like a brat who was denied his allowance and kill him (though it’s implied the death of Doffy’s mother, as well as his father’s naivete, provided motivation as well).
    sanji is the only good person of the family while his siblings were all jerks.  doflamingos brother and parents  were good people in contrast to doffy( sanji was the white sheep of the family while dofflamingo was the black sheep of his family Finally Sanji and Doffy’s personalities are basically inversions of each other. Sanji’s a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who genuinely loves his friends no matter how much he argues with them and would never have them sacrifice themselves for him and is a compassionate, princely (pun intended) young man underneath his abrasive, harsh exterior , while Doffy is an entitled yet very charismatic Sadist who treats  his “family” as useful tools to further his own plans. with no problem sacrificing them for his own ends Doflamingo only really cares about himself, and WILL throw his crew members lives away if he felt it necessary.   . Meanwhile, 

     . (, Doffy’s kindness, charisma, and father-like treatment of his pirate crew hides the insane, entitled, sadistic, prideful scumbag who psychologically manipulates his “family” into serving as his tools and won’t hesitate to discard them when it’s convenient.)

    He even wanted his last remaining relative, Rocinante, to sacrifice his life to provide him with immortality using the Op-Op Fruit. When he finds out that Law gains this ability, he’s adamant about trying to get Law to perform that on him.( Though previously Law used Jora as hostage knowing that Doflamingo wouldn´t attack the Sunny where Caesar, a man he needed in order not to infuriate Kaido, was. Unfortunately it’s hinted that Jora knows that affection is short-lived and Doflamingo would go through any lengths if pushed enough (and that Law may be waiting exactly for that reaction); she promptly runs away. ) sanji in contrast would never do that. doffy wouldnt hesitate to cut down the men who were forming the wall while sanji hesitated on attacking them and in fact told them to get out of the way

    and this is further emphasized by how they were both called young master at a point by the people they saved. sanji is disgusted by slavery while doflamingo ran a slave shop. 

    sanji is the only member of his family who didnt look down on commoners and sanji was the only one who did not  have a snobbish attitude towards them thats almost on par with world nobles  while in doflamingos family he is the only one that had that snobbish attitude

    lets be real if sanji was more like doflamingo or doflamingo was more like sanji like if they swapped families or natures they would fit in with the rest of their family better

    sanji has earned peoples loyalty through his kindness and would never want or try to get someone t odie for him heck he would die for them  and doflamingo got people to worship him like the donquixote family by being manipulative for he was outright stated by oda  that doffy did pay great attention to the environment people were living in

    “D: How old is Corazon? Why wasnt Sugar there at the Donquixote family dinner party?O: He’s 2 years younger than Doflamingo, died at the age of 26. Monet(17) and Sugar(9) are sisters saved by Doflamingo from terrible environment. They joined the family after that incident, were later given the DFs, and had the resolve to give up their lives for the family. Doflamingo did pay great attention to the environment people were living in.”  so that they would be willing to sacrifice  their lives  for him and talked about getting law to be taught the importance of dying for him  and doffy wouldnt die for them 

    • That was quite illuminating. I never thought of Sanji and Doflamingo in such a way but they really can be viewed as contrasting characters, especially their personalities.

      Thank you for sharing =).

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