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Fairy Tail Chapter 514 – Irene Belserion, The Queen Of Dragons

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Fairy Tail chapter 514 - The Mother of Dragon Slayer

Developing a Secret Magic Art in order to protect the peace they struggled to reach

A past where unity was sought, a place where differences connected and a community where peace was protected. The land of Ishgar 400 years past was one of maturity and growth. In a time where Dragons sought supremacy, kingdoms in Ishgar rose above that reality and etched a society where Dragons and humans can coexist with one another and work together. At the forefront of this was Irene and Belserion, a human and a dragon both with a desire to walk a path different from the rest of their kind.

Irene was born a human to the Royal Family of the Dragnov Kingdom and through the actions of her predecessor whom had saved the Dragon Belserion’s life, an alliance was formed between the two. Belserion now serves as the Dragon of Virtue, providing Irene with council and assisting her in her duty as Queen. Despite their differences, they formed a friendship and an understanding which most likely served as the basis for the growth of the coexistence between humans and Dragons. The Dragons shared their knowledge with the humans and as a result human society grew significantly. A kingdom within Ishgar, Dragnov Kingdom, was built around this coexistence and peace headed by Irene, the Queen of Dragnov. Belserion served as the representative of the Dragons within the Kingdom. Statues of dragons were built to signify the humans gratitude towards the Dragons. And more than likely with Irene casting Universe One, the ruins of the Dragnov Kingdom now resides near the Guild building of Fairy Tail. Mest and Mavis were near some of those ruins when Zera reunited with Mavis and merged with her. I found those ruins very curious at the time, now I know why they seemed significant. Another valuable point to come from this chapter was that Irene knew Enchantment Magic 400 years, she did not learn it from Zeref.

Fairy Tail chapter 514 - Irene and Belserion

400 Years ago before the Western Dragons cast the world into a war

The Dragons that threatened the peace were the Western Dragons (the continent which Alvarez is now located in) who devoured humans and eventually made their way to Ishgar to spread their supremacy. The Kingdom of Dragnov and other Kingdoms within Ishgar made up of both humans and Dragons chose to stand up against those Western Dragons, fighting for the relationship the two species formed.

Fairy Tail chapter 514 - Belserion's debt

Will we ever find out how Belesrion was saved?

Irene was at the center of the human and Dragon coexistence within Dragnov; she supported Belserion and helped develop the Dragon and human relations. Presumably it was because of her example that other humans opened their minds to the concept of a coexistence being formed with the “terrifying” Dragons. Likewise, Belserion as the Dragon of Virtue likely served as inspiration for other Dragons to live alongside the “insignificant” humans. Based on what we have seen, Irene and Belserion cared deeply for another. Belserion resolved to fight until his dying breath if it meant protecting Irene. And Irene herself conceived the idea of Dragons bestowing their essence and power onto humans all in order to find a way for humans to work together with the Dragons fighting for coexistence. Irene developed Dragon Slaying magic to help protect the peace many humans and Dragons struggled so long to achieve and maintain.

Fairy Tail chapter 514 - Irene's secret art

The origin of Dragon Slayer Magic

This new-found relation unfortunately became twisted by lacking minds resulting in the humans desiring more power once they got a taste of Dragon magic. Consequently leading to Acnologia who slaughtered many a Dragons bathing in their blood ultimately becoming a Dragon himself. The union of human and Dragon essence also resulted in Dragon Slayers finding an imbalance within their senses causing their motion sickness.

Based on the final page, I can finally see why Irene changed and has such a sensitive spot for appearances determining the way a person see’s another. As a result of her Dragon Slaying magic, Irene’s skin began to flake revealing the coarse Dragon scale skin underneath. Irene was slowly taking on a Dragon appearance and their qualities. This may have been the moment that forced Irene to realise an important aspect about humanity. With her Dragon-like appearance, she may have been rejected by those she considered loyal supporters and friends scarring her emotionally deeply. This would explain her treatment of Hisui and Mirajane in regards to their appearances.

Fairy Tail chapter 514 - The side effects of Dragon Slayer Magic

Does Erza have Dragon magic/essence imbued inside her?

Another consequence of wielding Dragon Slaying magic was the formation of a Dragon Seed within some Dragon Slayers (presumably only females). The Dragon Seed is stated by Irene to mark the Dragon Slayers end as a human and signal their irreversible transformation into a Dragon. The Dragon Seed growing within Irene at the time was most likely Erza growing within her mother’s womb. This would explain the scar Irene has on her stomach. Before she could be fully transformed into a Dragon, Irene had the “Dragon Seed” growing within her removed. Or did Irene have Erza removed from her womb before Erza could take on the characteristics of a Dragon? And, if Irene was pregnant with Erza 400 years ago, does this mean Erza was born back in the past? Could the Eclipse Gate have also been used to transport Erza or Irene while she was still pregnant with Erza to the year X777? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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