One Piece Chapter 849 – Stealing The Treasure

One Piece chapter 849 - Big Mom breaks into the Treasure Room

Things really aren’t looking good for Brook!

Of course things didn’t go as planned, but to have Big Mom personally come to the Treasure Room to break down the door and engage the intruder, how incredibly unfortunate for Brook. Just goes to show how much the Tamatebako means to Big Mom. With him in the process of making an imprint, I wonder if he will have enough time to finish before he is captured because with Big Mom there, it doesn’t seem like he has much chance of escaping. Elsewhere, Reiju seems to have been subject to a battle given her grievous injurious and inability to walk and stand without support. Just what happened? Who did that to Reiju?

Why are Judge and his sons discussing their plans so casually when they are currently in Big Mom’s castle where the walls and dishes are alive listening in on their conversations. Now I can see why Big Mom has collected such a vast amount of information; one because of her many spies and two because people are stupid. Judge and Co. are so caught up in how what they have accomplished is so big they fail to properly give adequate credit to the opponent they are facing.

One Piece chapter 849 - Chopper's Monster Point

Nicely done Chopper, I enjoyed it tremendously seeing you slam the Noble Croc

Fortunately, Chopper and Carrot were smart enough to exploit the abilities of Brulee in order to fool them into thinking they were about to stew the real Carrot when in fact it was just a frog that Brulee turned into a Carrot clone. With the element of surprise in their advantage, they utilised it perfectly to catch Brulee off guard knocking her out by spilling the boiling water and using that same water which drenched Randolph and a few other soldiers to electrocute them. Chopper used his Monster Point to take out the Noble Croc with an epic throw and Carrot finished off Diesel by forcing him to run into a wall. With those Big Mom Pirates down, Chopper and Carrot have access to the whole of Mirrorland. What chaos will ensue now that Bropper can utilise the mirrors across Wholecake Island? Who will they save and what will they see?

Nice to see Brook in action again, as expected he disposed of the remaining Big Mom Pirates within the Treasure Room with relative each. Hilarious how apart from Smoothie,  the rest of the Treasure Room Guards didn’t amount to much. Brook is driven by his promise with Pedro and accomplishing what Pedro has put his own life on the life to help bring about. Even with that though, he has come across someone who he may not be able to escape from. Hopefully Brook had enough time to make an imprint of the Poneglyph, so even if he were captured, once he is freed he wouldn’t have to break into the Treasure Room again. If there is mirror nearby, will Chopper and Carrot save Brook by pulling him into Mirrorland as well?

One Piece chapter 849 - Pedro and Baron Tamago

Poor Pedro, looks like one more objective has been added to the Straw Hat Pirate list – get Pedro’s life back!

Pedro and Baron Tamago, I wondered what the nature of their relationship was as it did seem like Tamago had a level of respect for Pedro based on the fear he had of Pedro doing something that could mess up Big Mom’s Tea Party. But for it to be that Big Mom took 50 years away from Pedro 5 years ago. What a surprised. Given the conversation, Pedro most likely five years ago gave into to his fear as he wished to lived and that unfortunately opened the door for Big Mom to steal decades of his life. With a stronger resolve now, Pedro has made peace with his death and has no intention of returning back to Zou. He is giving it his all to buy Brook enough time to make an imprint of the Road Poneglyph. I never really thought much of Pedro before beside that he looked cool, but I really like his character now. I respect the resolve he now has deep within his heart.

One Piece chapter 849 - Reiju injured

Really, what happened?!

Reiju, what happened to her? Why is she so injured to the point of being barely able to stand? Who in Wholecake Island could have done this to one of the stronger members in the Germa 66? Was she caught off guard? Did a third-party enter the Island or was it one of the Big Mom Pirates? Was it Pudding after Reiju discovered the truth about her? I could see this happening as I am still suspicious about Pudding and what Oda-sensei has planned for her. It would make complete sense for Reiju to scout the Bride that will wed Sanji in order to confirm that Sanji will be in good hands. Reiju may have seen or noticed something suspicious herself and realised the truth. This is turn could have beckoned Pudding to attack Reiju while she didn’t have a chance to properly defend herself. Will Sanji end up seeing Reiju in her current state and come to realise the truth of what is going on. Will Reiju’s beaten body serve as the needed motivation for Sanji to finally get his act together and act like his usual self? If Reiju’s life is in danger, I don’t see Sanji doing nothing. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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