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Fairy Tail Chapter 512 – The White Shadow Dragon Slayer

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Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Sting defeats Larcade

With the combined efforts of his fellow members and Kagura, Sting defeats Larcade

Was Larcade really ‘created’ to be Zeref’s trump card against Acnologia? Did Zeref really believe the ability to control desire would overwhelm Acnologia and serve as the basis for Acnologia’s defeat? If so, than Zeref severely underestimated Acnologia and overestimated Larcade’s abilities. Sure Larcade has powerful abilities, but to the point of being able to subject Acnologia to his desires? I honestly don’t think so. Larcade would be torn to shreds before he even had a chance to utter anything dealing with souls ascending to heaven. That is just the might of Acnologia. Once Larcade’s abilities are overcome, there isn’t anything else remaining that makes Larcade a terrifying opponent. As such, once Sting overcame Larcade’s R.I.P. ability, he was able to turn the tables and land a striking blow onto Larcade. But if Larcade is defeated here, what did August mean that Larcade can only be defeated by his mother? And when will we get to learn what Larcade is and how he is connected to Zeref, Mavis and Natsu?

Very enjoyable to see a major antagonist taken down by characters that aren’t directly related to Fairy Tail. Even if it took the abilities of four non-Fairy Tail members to reach that point, it was still deeply satisfying seeing them claim victory after struggling for the majority of the battle. Thanks to Minerva and her Territory magic, Rogue was able to arrive at the scene to share his shadow magic with Sting who fed off it. Combining the two magics, Sting was able to awaken the White Shadow Dragon form and thanks to Kagura utilising her Gravity Change magic that she rarely uses, Sting was able to sink into the shadows and enter a world capable of dispelling Larcade’s R.I.P. effect. Together, they managed to create a situation in which Sting was capable of dealing a crushing blow.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Larcade's R.I.P. magic

Somehow I don’t think this would have worked on Acnologia

While I am glad to see the end of Larcade and his waffling, I did feel his defeat by one attack was quite premature. For someone of his level, one of the main Spriggan Twelve members, it should really take a few well-timed attacks to knock him down. The victory would have felt more earned if Larcade had endured the damage from the first attack but succumbed to the damage from a second attack. At least this way we could see Larcade being put under pressure and acknowledging the capabilities of his opponent. Well as things stand, thanks to the combined efforts of Sabertooth and Mermaid Heel, one of the main Spriggan Twelve members were defeated. Not including Zeref, there are only two remaining now.

August, I really want to see how he will be defeated, surely he has to have a weakness. With Jellal still in the game driven by his desire to protect Erza, he definitely won’t back down in challenging August again. As the majority of the Spriggan Twelve defeats have been dealt with through team efforts, we may get a third-party assisting Jellal. If this is the case, that third-party will most likely be Gildarts. If it is those two challenging August, I can see how victory will be reached. As for Irene, I am waiting to see what her relation to Erza is.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Anna knits Natsu's scarf

So that’s how Natsu got his scarf

I never actually questioned why Natsu’s scarf, even though it was made from red dragon scales, was white. I always assumed that the colour was bleached before being made into a scarf. I never even questioned how it ended up being made into a scarf in the first place. As with the existence of magic, I put the how down to magic changing dragon scales into a scarf. Obviously my thinking was a bit flawed, as once the pigment of the dragon scale fades, it can be handled by humans and once in this state, it can be converted into material. It was Anna, Lucy’s ancestor, who knitted Natsu his scarf. Lucy bears a striking resemblance to Anna and this is probably why Natsu felt so ease with Lucy when they first met. Even if Natsu didn’t remember, he probably still felt some residual emotion from his time with Anna.

The Natsu and Lucy relationship is definitely being pushed by Mashima-sensei, so with Natsu in such a dire state, what can Lucy do to save him? Would the warmth and love of another help to save Natsu’s life? Whatever is the cause of Natsu’s dying body and the E.N.D. form is most likely the aspect Zeref used as a base to revive Natsu. If this is the case, will we find out what that is through the story of Larcade who was most likely created by Zeref in a similar manner to Natsu. Is this why Larcade’s story is being held back? So that it can be revealed in conjunction with the reveal of what is currently killing Natsu.

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Lucy and Gray

What will the two of them do?

Now that the truth behind the fate Natsu and Zeref share is revealed to other members of Fairy Tail, what will Fairy Tail do? If they kill Zeref, they will kill Natsu. Gray doesn’t seem surprised, but that look he has is one of someone willing to do anything to save a friend. As if lamenting his past actions and feeling the weight of guilt. What will Lucy and Gray do? What can they do? Looking forward to the next chapter.


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