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Fairy Tail Chapter 510 – The Bond Shared Between The Dragon Slayers

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Fairy Tail chapter 510 - Natsu's parents

Nice to finally see what Natsu’s parents look like

Guess the Sting VS Larcade match up did come to pass. Fgures as both mages utilise light magic as their element, it was inevitable. Been waiting for this match up as well as Sting needs to prove his capabilities as a guild leader and make up for the failure he displayed when they were defeated earlier. Sting needs this battle to showcase just how strong Sabertooth really are and to prove to Yukino that he is worthy of her belief. Regarding Natsu, what exactly is the identity of the disturbance inside his body? Wasn’t it just the amalgamation of the dark energy inside him? Guess it is something more significant than I initially realised.

Within Natsu’s heart, Zeref revealed the faces and figure of their parents and home village. A peaceful village set upon by a dragon whom killed their parents and Natsu. Mashima-sensei hasn’t revealed yet the identity of the dragon whom killed the Dragneel family, but it utilised fire. It couldn’t be Igneel, could it? Feeling regret at what he had done, he chose to atone by becoming Natsu’s parent. If the dragon who killed Natsu is someone entirely different, will that dragon become relevant later? I can’t see that plot point being left untouched. It certainly does seem like Mashima-sensei is avoiding revealing who the dragon is to utilise for later. But with the dragons save Acnologia not currently being alive, chances are the dragon whom killed the Dragneel family is Igneel.

Fairy Tail chapter 510 - Dragon

Who is that dragon? Igneel?

Nice to finally get confirmation of the history shared between the Dragon Slayers. The five naturally trained dragon slayers all came from the same time and were bonded by the dragons training and parenting them. Thanks to Lucy’s mother, Layla, they were able to time travel into the future through the Celestial Gate, to the year X777. Their memories faded as a consequence of the jump and as a result, their current “lives” began from that point. The Dragon Slayers did not remember knowing each other prior to waking up yet they still managed to come together.

The identity of the abnormality within Natsu, what could it be or should we be asking, who? The vision within Natsu’s heart taking the form of Zeref, revealed the abnormality was killing Natsu. Given that the vision is a manifestation of Natsu’s feelings, should we take the information on face value? Mashima-sensei doesn’t seem like a mangaka who would do something like that, leading me to believe that he is using the world inside Natsu’s heart and the residual magic of Zeref to convey an important message, supported by the fact that he has revealed the Dragneel parents and is genuinely expanding on Dragon Slayer story. Following on from this, the identity of the abnormality within Natsu is surely related to the Dragon Slayers, but what exactly is it?

Sting, very nice entrance, I am glad he showed up. We can finally get that moment for Sting where he makes up for the all the times he doubted himself and finally moves forward on the path towards becoming the Guild Master Sabertooth deserves all the while setting an example for all his member to follow. The reformed Sabertooth definitely needs to be supported from the top down and right now, Sting has the opportunity to prove himself a capable guild master.

Fairy Tail chapter 510 - About time Sting

It’s a stretch, but I am hoping Kagura also gets back up and aids Sting

Sting and Yukino, is it just me or is Mashima-sensei also working his pairing magic with Sabertooth. Minerva and Rogue definitely seem to be on their way to a romantic relationship and now with Sting and Yukino, they are getting substantial focus together – Yukino helping remind Sting that he is their leader and now Sting arriving to save Yukino. Looking forward to seeing how Mashima-sensei develops the relationships within Sabertooth.

Still very curious to see how Mavis will get involved. I am almost convinced that Larcade is an illusion subconsciously created by Mavis. Mavis has unknowingly vented her despair through her magic before when Zera died, I wouldn’t be surprised if just as Mavis was affected by the curse of contradiction, she created Larcade. Consciously becoming aware of Larcade’s true form will disperse him from existence. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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