Fairy Tail Chapter 509 – Larcade Dragneel

Fairy Tail chapter 509 - Kagura

Kagura VS Larcade

Wait, what? Is Mashima-sensei seriously implying what I believe he is implying? When did Mavis give birth to a child? Was this after their kiss and before he dumped her body in front of Hades? If this is the case, wouldn’t Larcade be incredibly old? Is Larcade an illusion created by Mavis? The are so many questions. Honestly, I did not expect this. Neither did I expect Kagura being dispatched so effortlessly by Larcade. Let’s hope Mashima-sensei has more planned for her!

The portrayal of Kagura this chapter has me quite annoyed, why did Mashima-sensei set Kagura up only to be shamelessly defeated? Highlighting Kagura a bit wouldn’t have been so bad, even if it extended into a second chapter. Is there more to come from Kagura? Hopefully. The reason this outcome is frustrating is because Mashima-sensei built Kagura up as such a lovable and strong character. Seeing her overwhelmed so easily does her character a disservice and leaves a bitter after taste. Mashima-sensei should have at least focused on Kagura in a more positive and central light. I know Larcade is strong, but Kagura is definitely stronger than what we were shown. Easily stronger. Just when I got excited a non-Fairy Tail member would feature in a serious arc battle…if Kagura can’t defeat Larcade alone, it would be perfectly fine for Kagura to get assistance from a third-party to take on Larcade i.e. Sting. I really am hoping Kagura isn’t done yet.

Fairy Tail chapter 509 - Jellal

Get up Jellal!

Turning to August, why is he so strong? Is it his vast knowledge and experience with magic? Some ancient artifact? A lost magic? Whatever the case, there has to be an aspect to his magic which can be exploited. He must have a weakness. With Crime Sorcière almost defeated, what will Jellal do with his current state and his resolve to protect Erza. Jellal is strong, and if Erza is at serious risk, he would unleash on August. If Gildarts joins in, they have a serious chance of coming out victorious.

Mavis giving birth to a child, from what we know the only person she was ever intimate with was Zeref and from what we have seen, that was only a kiss before the curse set in. If we assume that they had gone further, Mavis would have gotten pregnant and have needed to wait 9 months to give birth to a child. We aren’t sure how long Mavis was away from Fairy Tail, but we assume the events from Mavis succumbing to the curse and Zeref leaving her at Fairy Tail were after each other. Was the gap longer and could Mavis have given birth during that gap and subsequently fallen into her eternal slumber after. But if this is true, than Larcade should be older than he currently looks. This is the only time I can think of that Mavis would have been able to give birth to a child. Or has the truth been twisted by Zeref? He wanted Mavis to be the mother of Larcade so much, he made everyone else believe that lie. Mavis may not in fact be Larcade’s mother. But if this is the case, what is the purpose of August’s comment – only Larcade’s mother can defeat him. Thinking about a possibility in terms of magic, could Larcade really be a creation of Mavis? An illusion which she subconsciously created from dreams of the future once rendered unconscious by the curse of Ankhseram. Mavis loved Zeref, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she envisioned a future between Zeref and herself and their child. If this is the case, then Mavis really is the only one who can defeat Larcade.

Fairy Tail chapter 509 - Kagura defeated?

Mashima-sensei really should have highlighted Kagura more

With the three strongest Spriggan 12 members remaining, the “exceptions”, Fairy Tail’s counter attack to reclaim their guild back has halted. Will Erza, Wendy, Jellal, Kagura and Yukino manage to overcome the opponents in front of them? Who else will rise up as challenges? How will Natsu become relevant in the next chapter? Will Natsu wake up still be driven by E.N.D. or will he wake up in control? Who will defeat the remaining Spriggan 12 members (including Ajeel and Jacob)? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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