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One Piece Chapter 845 – The Impending Wedding

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One Piece chapter 845 - Sanji and Pudding

Have you really fallen for her, Sanji?

I don’t know if it just me but something about Pudding just seems off. She seems too pure to be exactly who she appears to be. Pudding is nice, considerate, innocent, seemingly gentle, apparently naive, a cook (chocolate) and she is pretty to top it all off. None of those characteristics match with Big Mom at all. So far Oda-sensei has made it a point to illustrate the similarity between her children and herself, whether aesthetically, psychologically, or personality-wise. There has been something we could connect between the child and Big Mom. And for this reason, I find Pudding incredibly suspicious and a concerning element within the arc.

If we weren’t told Pudding was a daughter of Big Mom, I doubt we could have guessed it based on what we have seen. The “current” Pudding doesn’t resemble Big Mom in any way. Additionally, why is Pudding hiding her ‘third eye’ behind her fringe/bangs? If she was the person who she is trying to make herself out as being, why the need for secrets? Consequently, I feel hidden behind this one lie lies a whole lot more of secrets including the secret of what she is really like. Yes, I don’t believe Pudding is as pure and innocent as she selling herself as being. Secretly Pudding may be just as twisted as Big Mom if not more and currently getting her kicks from playing with her future husband’s emotions and feelings. Characters are all about balance and right now Pudding feels incredibly imbalanced with how unlike Big Mom she really is. There is something not right about the current Pudding.

One Piece chapter 845 - Big Mom's Army

In order to avenge Cracker…

Sanji has a big decision ahead of him but at the moment he seems committed to giving up on his dream and going with the flow in order to reduce the damage his current situation has on those he loves. With the portrayal of innocence and consideration Pudding just expressed, Sanji has become further disillusioned by the option of “going with he flow”. I seriously hope Sanji isn’t being suckered by Pudding and he instead is still harbouring the intention to pursue his dream and is only telling others what they want to hear.

I’m surprised Sanji is grouping Reiju with the rest of his family, especially considering that she went out of her way to break Sanji out of his imprisonment 13 years ago and even expressed that people who value his worth are out there I. The world. Unlike his brothers and father, Reiju genuinely has a heart and is okay with listening to it. Sanji may not feel he has allies in his family, but Reiju wouldn’t be against helping him, she will just consider the repercussions first. I wouldn’t put it past Reiju helping Luffy and Co. if it means helping her brother out, the one not possessed by arrogance and callousness.

One Piece chapter 845 - Luffy's resolve

Its at times like these that Luffy is at his strongest

Luffy, got to admire his resolve to stand by his words once his uttered them. The commitment and belief behind his decision turns what one would consider a hollow whim into a statement of solid captaincy. Of all the immaturity Luffy has demonstrated, he still has a way of simplifying even the most complex issues by focusing on what he really wants. Determination and resolve can be very fearsome weapons and right now Luffy is determined to get Sanji back and has no intention of backing down and running from Big Mom’s enraged army. Given the precarious situation Luffy and Nami are currently in, it does seem like a good time for an ally to show up to aid them i.e. Jinbe. Would be fantastic if Jinbe shows up to assist Luffy in defending Luffy’s current spot. Chopper and Carrot are predisposed and Brook and Pedro are currently trying to get and imprint of the Road Poneglyph, so I doubt they are in any position to assist Luffy.

There is always the possibility of Oda-sensei surprising us and handling the current situation in a completely unpredictable manner. Luffy may get assistance from a totally unexpected third-party or Jack/Weevil could appear to wreak havoc creating an opportunity for Luffy and Co. to steal back Sanji and acquire an imprint of the Road Poneglyph. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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