One Piece Chapter 842 – Tankman VS Cracker

One Piece chapter 842 - Gear Fourth Tankman

Well that is awesome!

What a fantastic chapter, both refreshing and hilarious. I know Luffy was the focus of the chapter as he defeated Cracker but the focus Nami got to both agonise and expose Cracker’s weakness was brilliant. Cracker definitely did underestimate the Straw Hats but there was no way he could have expected the situation to turn out as it had, to be defeated in such a way, how ridiculously awesome.

Nami, she is really something, just when I was finding myself indifferent with the current state of her character, Oda goes and pulls something like this. She was smart, demonic, badass, and totally Nami. The way she unflinching called Big Mom’s followers her own was hilarious. Cracker was at a lost as to what to do and the Homies couldn’t even do anything to oppose Nami, instead they had no choice but to obey her orders i.e. to protect her whatever the cost. Thanks to Nami as well, Cracker’s Bisu Bisu no Mi weakness was discovered. Water softened the biscuits allowing Luffy the to consume them.

One Piece chapter 842 - Nami and Luffy

Oh Nami…

For 11 hours Cracker’s biscuits were being consumed. Both Luffy and Cracker were slowly getting fatigued but due to Luffy consuming food, it was more so getting fatigued with being overly full than lacking energy. Being Luffy, he improvised and came up with an ingenious strategy to use Cracker’s biscuits and fatigue against him not to mention to use his own bloated body to set up his Cannon Ball attack. It was a spectacle indeed, seeing such an absurd attack and strategy used to take out one of the Yonko crews top officers – Gear Fourth Tankman was amazing! The Straw Hats are definitely a different beast none of the Yonko have ever faced. Very curious to see where Cracker got blasted off to. His defeat will definitely light the panic switch for the Big Mom Pirates.

Chopper and Carrot, looks like those two might be the ones who defeat Brulee. With the two of them running around inside Brulee’s mirror world, disruptions are being caused across Totto Land with several residents commenting on seeing strange things when they look into their mirror. Excited to see how Chopper and Carrot exploit the weaknesses of Brulee’s devil fruit. Would be amusing if Chopper and Carrot lead Brulee out of a mirror only to have Brulee incapacitated by the unconscious body of Cracker flying towards her.

One Piece chapter 842 - Sanji and Reiju

Interesting face mask

Reiju, she is still concerned about Sanji but will do little to aid him currently as she did tell him before to never come back to the Germa Kingdom. While Reiju says that, she has a heart and when the moment calls for it, she will assist Sanji again to help him continue pursuing his dream. Sanji most likely came back to see his mother’s grave and I believe Reiju will respect that. At the very least I believe Reiju will respect the person Sanji has now become. The fact that Reiju herself is curious about Sanji’s chivalry helps to convey the interest she has in the current Sanji. Zeff, so that is how he managed to beat chivalry into Sanji, he literally beat Sanji until he learned =P. What a great father-figure Zeff was/is.

The exchange of gifts scene should be interesting especially considering that the bomb which was with the Fishman island treasure is now currently with Big Mom. Will Sanji save someone from the explosion and have his face mask removed to reveal the ‘damage’ he took to save said person O.o. Potentially the damage he has received from his brothers is important given the focus it has received. Well regardless what happens, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next, especially with the Big Mom Pirates and their reactions to Cracker’s defeat.

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