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Fairy Tail Chapter 504 – Gray VS E.N.D.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Gray VS Natsu

The inevitable battle begins

The unavoidable battle between Natsu and Gray has finally begun and the void now existing between the two has compelled each of them to bear their fist against the other. Friends, now turned into obstacles that the other needs to stop. Natsu driven by his demon nature to seek out Zeref and destroy him and Gray, resolved to dispose of Zeref’s demons as vengeance against what they had done to his parents and Ur. With each of them suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, it looks like outside influence is needed in bringing them both back to their senses.

Personally, I expected Natsu to be antagonistic towards Gray when Gray got in his way due to the influence of the dark energy currently consuming him. Gray on the other hand, I expected him to be a but more cool and controlled about the situation, instead we seemingly have him consumed by his own dark emotions – vengeance. I wonder if the presence of the Devil Slaying magic within his being is having an effect on how he perceives what is happening. Invel did comment on Gray being affected by the Devil Slaying magic the more he uses it.

I get that Zeref created his demons to stand against him and challenge him, all in order to kill him, but given the general Tartarus feeling for Zeref, it didn’t seem as if the demons of Zeref’s books were awakening face to defeat Zeref, on the contrary, it seemed like they wanted to find Zeref to support him. This makes me wonder if the demons actually knew about their purpose and whether their in-built nature/instinct activated yet i.e. to find Zeref and to kill him.

With Gray and Natsu so consumed by their own narrow-minded perception of the current situation, it really will take Juvia and Lucy appearing to stop the two. Hopefully with their appearance and consequential observation of the situation, Gray and Natsu will be brought back to their senses. At the very least, Gray should take a few steps back to first see how he can save Natsu from the dark magic consuming him. I honestly can’t see this empty conflict carrying on for much longer when the two have experienced so much together. Their bonds and the ones they have with everyone else will radiate their way forward.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Lucy

Lucy is quite mature for her age

So we got clarification on how Brandish’s shrinking powers work on wounds, while it does reduce the size of the wound, it doesn’t minimise the damage caused, which makes sense but it is still beneficial in stopping further damage once the initial wound has been caused. It is interesting to note that the changes the Spriggan 12 members are experiencing coming to terms with their human nature and the vulnerable/uncertain aspect of it. Brandish expresses her concern for her doubts and her uncertainty in how the current events will end. Lucy continuing from her badass self in the previous chapter explains to Brandish (and Dimaria) that the emotions they are currently experiencing is testament that they are only human beings and proof that they are alive. Rather than reject such emotions, embrace them and continue forward. It may sound simple and negligible but there is relevance in accepting a situation for what it is rather than letting oneself be consumed by doubt and worry trying to reject such a reality. Thanks to those words both Brandish and Dimaria seem to have come to a realisation.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Irene

That really is quite something

Irene’s ‘heavenly gaze’ ability is both cool and creepy. What I am interested in finding out is whether Irene enchanted her eye to utilise such a magic or whether there is something special about her eye(s). It is probably the former, but it would exciting if Irene and Erza’s blood held special properties to allow them utilise unique abilities. Nice to see Irene pissed with Mavis making light of her abilities and magic. Their next confrontation should be entertaining.

Fairy Tail Chapter 504 - Mavis

Spectacular, incredibly cool Mavis

Thanks to Mavis, the Scarlet Despair is invoking everything but despair in the Ishgar mages. Through the giant illusion of herself, Mavis is gathering the strength of the Ishgar mages and requesting them to trust in her ability to formulate a strategy to see the Alvarez Empire removed from their land. Mavis was quite badass in that scene showing up Irene. Looking forward to seeing the Fairy Tactician in work!

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