One Piece Chapter 841 – The Vinsmoke Name

One Piece chapter 841 - Vinsome Judge 1

Seriously Judge? Talk about taking your name too hardcore

Just when I thought Vinsmoke Judge couldn’t be more of a fiend, he goes ahead and proves me wrong. I look forward to the day that smirk of his disappears in the moment he finds everything he fought, killed and destroyed for crumbles in front of him. The marriage between Sanji and Pudding is not going to happen and it is going to be so sweet seeing Judge come to terms with that realisation. For Judge to be so consumed by power, strength and status, he may be effective in wars, but he was a terrible father. The Vinsmoke name to Judge is a name to be feared, to strike terror in the hearts of any unfortunate to hear it uttered and a name he desires one day to be synonymous with the leaders of North Blue.

Did Judge really plan on keeping Sanji imprisoned for the rest of his life? I understand why Judge came up with the story to paint his son in a heroic light i.e. so the Vinsmoke name remains revered, but did he seriously intend to keep Sanji imprisoned forever? I’m glad he at least had the heart to feed Sanji proper meals and allows his request for cook books and utensils, but still, to keep his own son imprisoned for 6 months…

One Piece chapter 841 - Sanji's mother

What an angel

Been waiting for the moment Sanji’s mother is revealed and my goodness, that angel radiating kindness. How can each of his parents reside at opposite ends of the human spectrum. Sanji’s mother went out of her way to ensure Sanji was loved, despite his strengths and decisions. Judge on the other hand-made sure to make Sanji aware of the fact that he was a disappointment, the single regret in Judge’s life and the  existence tainting his otherwise successful accomplishments. Not once did Judge treat Sanji like a son. Sanji’s mother contrastingly supported Sanji’s love for cooking and is the reason why currently he has such love for cooking.

I really do wonder if by cooking Sanji feels closer to his mother as the memories he has of her tasting his cooking are pleasant ones, especially when looked at relative to the environment he grew up in. Cooking and his mothers reaction may have been one of the positive experiences he had from his youth in he Germa 66. It would be incredibly moving if Sanji came back to Germa 66 to cook a dish to leave at his mother’s grave. A dish filled with overwhelming love, expressing just how much his mother helped form and support his dream.

One Piece chapter 841 - Reiju 1

I am so glad I was wrong about Reiju

Reiju, I really am glad she didn’t turn out anything like her psychotic brothers. While her ‘modifications’ were successful, she didn’t lose the part of her being that allows her to express empathy and sympathy. Ichiji, Niji and Yonji are all driven by twisted perceptions of the world which are unfortunately fueled by their fathers greed, ignorance and lust for power. Reiju resembles her mother quite a lot and not just only in her looks. Reiju too has a kind heart, which is why she treated Sanji’s injuries after their brothers beat him, and why Reiju in the end decided to free Sanji and aid in his escape into East Blue.

Been wondering how Sanji managed to get from North Blue to East Blue. It was the [Den Den Mushi] Snails carrying the sections of the Germa 66 empire, the snails scaled the walls of the Red Line to cross over into East Blue. Quite the ingenious way to cross the seas without entering the Grand Line and dealing with government officials. Despite Judge’s attitude and evil nature, he is a gifted scientist coming up with ways to expand the possibilities of science even if it is all for his desire to rule North Blue in the end.

One Piece chapter 841 - Reiju 2

It must have been hard for Reiju to live in such an environment while putting a ‘mask’ on

Reiju seems like the Vinsmoke child capable of leading the Germa 66 and accomplishing their goal of becoming the leaders if North Blue. Unlike her brothers (minus Sanji), Reiju has a heart and is capable of weighing up decisions with not only the end goal in mind. Very curious to see how she helps Sanji in the current arc, because she will.

Luffy, what an ingenious strategy he has to deal with Cracker. Not only is he using his inhuman appetite to feast on Cracker’s biscuits, but he is also fighting when he has regained his strength and running away when he has used it up to buy himself time to eat the biscuit creations. Cracker is so screwed, he has never met an opponent like Luffy, ever. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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