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One Piece Chapter 841 – The Vinsmoke Name

One Piece chapter 841 - Vinsome Judge 1

Seriously Judge? Talk about taking your name too hardcore

Just when I thought Vinsmoke Judge couldn’t be more of a fiend, he goes ahead and proves me wrong. I look forward to the day that smirk of his disappears in the moment he finds everything he fought, killed and destroyed for crumbles in front of him. The marriage between Sanji and Pudding is not going to happen and it is going to be so sweet seeing Judge come to terms with that realisation. For Judge to be so consumed by power, strength and status, he may be effective in wars, but he was a terrible father. The Vinsmoke name to Judge is a name to be feared, to strike terror in the hearts of any unfortunate to hear it uttered and a name he desires one day to be synonymous with the leaders of North Blue.

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