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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive (2016) Review

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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Poster

A fantastical new adventure begins!

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive continues the grand work from Square Enix and sets itself up as a notable addition to the Final Fantasy line, in particular one which portrays a gripping story filled with bold and well fleshed out characters surrounded by events of tragedy, hope and epicness.

As a Final Fantasy fan it is hard not to get excited about FFXV, I for one will be casting myself into the world of Eos looking to experience the journey awaiting me within as we learn more about Niflheim, Lucis, the war, the demons, the crystals, the magic, the characters and the adventure.

We are introduced to the events in the film through a narration of how Niflheim have succeeded in conquering the many countries opposing them through their advanced technology and “ambition” except Lucis which is guarded by a magical shield powered by an ancient crystal. Now Niflheim seeks to kill the Lucis royal family as they invade the kingdom of Tenebrae. Initially confusing as we are thrown right into the world with a brief set-up, I managed to piece together what was happening through the subsequent events taking place.

The Kingsglaive are a unit of Elite warriors made up of immigrants from outside the city serving Lucis and whom are capable of utilising the Royal Family’s magic. They are introduced through an epic battle against Niflheim as a massive burning tornado and a colossal demon are summoned. This opening sequence introducing us to the Kingsglaive and the characters is presented in such a monumental manner, it is hard not to be impressed. The ominous unstoppability of the colossal demon further entrenched the memorability of the scene as it was striking apparent at that point the demon would serve a future relevance.

One of the main elements I love about the Final Fantasy games/stories is the world building. The Final Fantasy world’s are unique across the different installments and with each world comes an epic series of events that reveal, flesh out and change the world and environments you are cast into. Through the design, graphics and creativity, each of the world’s succeed in conveying the enormity and substance of an actual world. Kingsglaive is no different, the world of Eos and the setting the story takes place in establishes that feeling of vastness.

Another element I love about Final Fantasy stories are the characters. Each installment pushes forward a different set of compelling characters to fall in love with. Some installments may have a more diverse cast but the characters present in each installment are presented in intriguing ways challenged by the journey or in some cases journeys they embark on. With Kingsglaive, the main character is Nyx Ulric and he is without question a phenomenal character – one of the highlights of the film. Relatively early on we get to understand what kind of person Nyx is and the values he holds – refusing to follow orders if it meant abandoning a friend to death.

Final Fantasy XV - Nyx

What a great main character

Nyx is a soldier but at the same time he embraces the freedom of choice. When it comes to making a decision, he weights it up against his internal compass and due to his past and his inability to save his sister, Nyx now resolves to save lives where he can even if it means sacrificing his own life. Such is the case when Nyx communes with the Lucis kings. As a result of Nyx’s warm personality, his tragic past and his desire to save lives, we as viewers find ourselves both wanting to be compelled and actually being compelled by his character and story. When despair and destruction intertwine around the tragedy dying the events in the story we find ourselves casting our hopes towards Nyx Ulric in search of a hero. And he answers our prayers. The decision he makes at the end entrenches his presence as a hero solidly within our minds.

One point I believe may affect the viewers perception of the FFXV game is the lack of Noctis, he is built as the world’s savior (and is the main character of the FFXV game) but when his home nation and family needed him, he is nowhere to be seen. I understand he was sent away to prevent Niflheim from achieving a complete victory but to have such a devastating event take place that Lucis is now in ruins and not have Noctis do anything, obviously the viewers perception of Noctis will be negatively affected. I admit mine was, at this point I don’t care much for Noctis. The fact that we got no coverage of him outside the intro and the after credit scene creates a massive void of detachment within the viewer towards his character and ultimately, we find ourselves not caring or even liking Noctis.

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive is a powerful introduction to the FFXV story and while some aspects of the story may be confusing initially due to the presentation and flow, the events in the film and story are understandable. Nyx is a fantastic character and I hope in some way or form we get to see more of him.

Enjoyment Level: 9/10

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