Fairy Tail Chapter 502 – Together As One

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Mavis

The counterattack begins

Zera is quite the interesting existence, is she just an illusion created by a past void within Mavis where her feelings for Zera ended up manifesting itself into an actual existence or is she really Zera’s soul existing? What ever the case, “Zera” exist and now has rejoined with Mavis becoming one once again. Potentially “Zera” may be key in the magic behind Fairy Heart or at the very least help explain what Fairy Heart really is.

Thanks to Gray defeating Invel, Mavis was able to utilise her illusion magic to fool Irene into believing she was detaching the magic from Mavis when in fact Irene was caught in an illusion. Mavis even ended up trying to use Zeref against Irene to buy herself more time, unfortunately Zeref was able to sense something amiss and revealed the illusion for what it was. Furious, Irene now seeks revenge against Mavis for playing her the fool. Looks like the encounter between Erza and Irene is an inevitability at this point. Erza embodying the light within darkness may just be enough to get through to her mother when the two confront each other – she was enough to get through to her darker side in Edolas. Erza has never had a mother figure during her childhood, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the revelation that she does in fact have a mother. Likewise, how will Irene react when she meets her daughter.

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Irene detaches the magic from Mavis

Pretty dam overpowered that Irene can remove the magic from a mage

Gajeel and Levy, nice to see the two of them reunited again with their feelings for one another now exposed. Thanks to their relationship now blossoming we get to see different sides of Gajeel and Levy and even how they are changing/developing because of one another. Because of Levy, Gajeel is becoming softer, more sincere and open about himself. Equally, thanks to Gajeel, Levy is trying to extend herself beyond her limits and find additional uses for her abilities during the moments she has to protect others. Levy’s script magic is a fascinating one and I am interested to see what else Levy has store. Will be fun to see how Mashima-sensei develops Gajeel and Levy’s relationship from here on out.

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Gajeel and Levy

The lovers reunite!

Natsu’s tumor, apparently is something much worse…remnants of dark energy stored within his body? Surely it will have something to do with E.N.D. and the dilemma Gray now faces with the object of his “revenge” now being revealed to be one of his best friends. Quite possibly it may also mean a power up for Natsu if additional magical energy is awakened within him. How will Mashima-sensei handle Natsu’s tumor with the battle against Zeref not that far away? And will Brandish end up shrinking Natsu’s tumor again to the point of non-effect? Hopefully, Brandish ends up shrinking her own wounds first so she can reduce the damage done to her body.

Sad that Dimaria actually thinks she is going to kill Natsu and/or Lucy, her obsession with making Lucy suffer will blow up in her face when a third-party (or Natsu) intervenes to stop her. The cliché ‘villain wasting time to abuse the hero’ won’t work out for Dimaria this time. Hopefully, Brandish being alive will be of some comfort to her when she is defeated…again. Still regarding Dimaria, I am interested in her story and learning about how Chronos, the Goddess of Time, lent her power to Dimaria. What qualities in Dimaria did Chronos see as worthy?

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Mavis and Zera, together as one

Mavis and Zera, together as one

One element in the story that I find myself becoming overly curious about now is, what happens to Fairy Tail when Zeref is defeated? The mages of Ishgar will defeat the Spriggan Twelve and Natsu will face off against Zeref with the aid of his allies, but once Zeref is defeated, where to for Fairy Tail? Will we delve into the larger world of Fairy Tail and possibly the Gods? Based on Mashima-sensei’s comments in the chapters, it does seem that he intends on writing Fairy Tail for some time more. If so, I am very intrigued about how Mashima-sensei will develop his story and in what direction. Personally, I would love more of the ancient city Mildian to be explored, specifically Lost Magic. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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