Fairy Tail Chapter 501 – Brandish And Dimaria

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 - Brandish

In order to fool Dimaria…

Desiring to be loyal and at the same time invoke a change within herself, Brandish bears the weight of the conflict created by her two desires and struggles to find a way out that doesn’t end in tragedy. On one hand she doesn’t want to betray her homeland and fight against her comrades and on the other hand she doesn’t want to continue the current meaningless battle against Ishgar and add to the “slaughter”. Confused and isolated, Brandish tries to reach a decision that supports both desires.

Brandish’s actions of deciding to stand against Lucy and Natsu after she went so far out of her way to prevent their deaths seemed strange, especially with Mashima-sensei having spent so much effort trying to convey Brandish as being against this war and different from the rest of the Spriggan Twelve. Having Brandish revert back to an antagonist at this point wouldn’t have made sense given how she has been written so far, it would have instead just confused the readers.

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 - Lucy

That outfit looks cool!

Aware that Dimaria was watching and intent on saving Lucy, Natsu and Happy from Dimaria’s wrath, Brandish put on an act to try to fool Dimaria. Unfortunately and expectedly, it was obvious given Brandish’s abilities that she was going easy them. Angered and driven by the feeling of betrayal, Dimaria attacked Brandish and directed her wrath towards Lucy who she believes “stole her Randi away”.

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 - Dimaria attacks Brandish

I don’t believe the wound Dimaria inflicted on Brandish is that deep

The Brandish and Dimaria relationship has been kept quite subdued so far, we have gotten 8hints that there is a relationship and that Dimaria cares for Brandish but nothing significant as of yet has been pushed, that is until now. Dimaria wrestles with the reality that Brandish has “betrayed” the Spriggan Twelve and more importantly her. After having found comfort in her relationship with Brandish when she was captured and having resolved to be nicer to Brandish, the thought of Brandish being stolen from her broke whatever foundation of love existed between the two. Unaware of Dimaria’s story and past, Brandish most likely represented a sister-like figure to Dimaria and with the feeling of betrayal driving her, Dimaria most likely felt a part of herself lost. The tears streaming down Dimaria’s face as she cuts Brandish is proof that Dimaria has a genuine love for Brandish and that this situation and what she has to do is hard for her. I wouldn’t be surprised if the cut on Brandish isn’t too deep because Dimaria couldn’t bring herself to kill her Randi. I hope so because I feel it would be cool if through Brandish another Spriggan Twelve member is able to change for the better. Dimaria may have done a lot bad things, but through the moments of humanity I felt when she was focused on Brandish, she is worth saving.

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 - Dimaria's tears

So she does have a heart

Hopefully Dimaria’s broken pieces of love are able to reshape themselves into something more beautiful and a joyous conclusion between Randi and Mari awaits us. Looking forward to the next chapter. And yeah, Lucy was exceptionally badass in this chapter utilising her Celestial Spirit outfits to combat Brandish. I can foresee Lucy helping Dimaria see what is important to her – Brandish instead of her revenge.

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