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One Piece Chapter 838 – The Bisu Bisu No Mi

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Those antenna's...

Those antenna’s…

Of course Cracker was the user of the Biscuit Fruit…I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner, Oda left hints on Cracker’s very design and his name. I was so caught up on his “thousand arms” motif, I failed see that which was already in front of our eyes. I can understand why Luffy was caught off guard once he broke through Crackers body armor. Cracker can use biscuits to create armor, weapons and even extra limbs on his armor.

Thanks to the Haki Cracker imbues into his biscuits, he is able to create insanely strong biscuits that he utilises for his armor, shields and weapons that required Luffy to unleash Gear Fourth to break. Big Mom was not joking when she put her fate in Cracker, who had also defeated the Mad Monk Urouge sometime during the past two years. Unfortunately for Big Mom, she is grossly underestimating the Straw Hat Pirates as being just like the other rookies they have come across in the past. The Straw Hat Pirates are much more troublesome than she expects and this miscalculation will come back to foil her.

One Piece Chapter 838 - Thousand Arms Cracker

How did he get his Epithet?

Luffy may be having some trouble now against Cracker but his Gear Fourth is still in it primal stage and has a ton of room to grow and evolve. Coupled with Luffy’s endurance and inhuman speed of learning, Luffy is no where near being pushed against a wall. There is also the fact that the material his opponent uses is biscuit and being a food and Luffy the gluttonous pirate that he is, I can see the fight developing in a certain way. Luffy surely will try to eat the biscuits Cracker uses. And if that is not enough, there is something suspicious going on with Cracker’s antenna’s – possibly the reason for how he can remotely control each of the biscuit puppets?

With the day fast forwarding and the Luffy VS Cracker battle left half way, it will be interesting to see if Big Mom was right in her assessment of the Straw Hat Pirates – obviously not. So looking forward to the moment Luffy shocks Big Mom, her allies and the Vinsmoke Family by crashing the Tea Party and the Wedding Ceremony.

Nami exploiting the nature of Lola’s vivre card should also be enjoyable to see – loving the use of it so far. It’s been a mysterious plot device for over eight years, so I am excited to see the vivre card finally being put to use in a substantial manner. Still, one question hangs in the air regarding it, how will Big Mom react to it if at all? Chopper and Carrot utilising mirror world against Brulee will be something to see, especially if it helps them gain access to areas they wouldn’t normally be able to access – the treasure vault!

The exchange of gifts event between the Charlotte and Vinsmoke family has piqued my interest, especially considering there is a bomb in the treasure Big Mom acquired from Fishman Island. Will the Vinsmoke family feel the “blast” of Big Mom’s gifts? And will this be the moment where everything falls apart for Big Mom and her ‘big plans’.

Looking forward to seeing what Sanji plans to do now

Looking forward to seeing what Sanji plans to do now

Loving the “Ranger” colour theme going on the Vinsmoke family – Ichiji is red, Niji is blue, Sanji is yellow, Yonji is green and Reiju is pink. Vinsmoke Judge is most likely black. With so much effort being put forward to showcase the Vinsmoke family I cannot not believe they will be important to the future One Piece stories. The Germa 66 technology could serve a helpful purpose to the Straw Hat pirates. Looking forward to Oda-sensei expanding on the Vinsmoke family and what else he planned for the Totto Land Arc.


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