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Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive (2016) Review

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive Poster

A fantastical new adventure begins!

Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive continues the grand work from Square Enix and sets itself up as a notable addition to the Final Fantasy line, in particular one which portrays a gripping story filled with bold and well fleshed out characters surrounded by events of tragedy, hope and epicness.

As a Final Fantasy fan it is hard not to get excited about FFXV, I for one will be casting myself into the world of Eos looking to experience the journey awaiting me within as we learn more about Niflheim, Lucis, the war, the demons, the crystals, the magic, the characters and the adventure.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 503 – E.N.D.’s Awakening

Fairy Tail Chapter 503 - Natsu and Gray

The inevitable battle finally begins

Has he finally awakened? Has E.N.D. finally woken within Natsu? Maybe not fully, but based on the release of dark magic originating from the ‘tumor’ within Natsu, it does seem like Natsu is on his way towards becoming E.N.D. Fortunately, Natsu has come across Gray, the one mage who may be capable of putting a freeze on E.N.D.’s awakening or shattering it completely.

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One Piece Chapter 840 – The Vinsmoke Children

One Piece Chapter 840 - The Vinsmoke Children

Gene modification huh?

The hidden past of Sanji is finally being revealed, one which explores not only his ‘I will not kick a woman, even if I die’ stance but his love for cooking, kind heart and desire to be more than what his father demands of him. Not only is Vinsmoke Judge an old associate of Vegapunk but Judge has also improved the bodies of his five children to make them more than human, to make them leaders possessing grand power destined to pave the path forward for Germa 66.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 502 – Together As One

Fairy Tail Chapter 502 - Mavis

The counterattack begins

Zera is quite the interesting existence, is she just an illusion created by a past void within Mavis where her feelings for Zera ended up manifesting itself into an actual existence or is she really Zera’s soul existing? What ever the case, “Zera” exist and now has rejoined with Mavis becoming one once again. Potentially “Zera” may be key in the magic behind Fairy Heart or at the very least help explain what Fairy Heart really is.

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One Piece Chapter 839 - Judge and clone research

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One Piece Chapter 839 – Germa 66

One Piece Chapter 839 - The Vinsmoke Family

Family dinner huh, how unusually normal

The more we learn about the Germa 66, the more I am convinced that they will serve a much larger purpose than just the events in this arc dealing with Sanji’s upcoming wedding. There is so much intrigue, history and potential surrounding the Germa 66, I cannot see how Oda-sensei would be able to cover everything within an arc centered around the Big Mom Pirates as the main attraction.  The Germa’s technology, their ambition and now their cyborg/clone/synthetic human development program, Oda-sensei definitely has something bigger planned for them, especially with the Vinsmoke Family being directly related to Sanji.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 501 – Brandish And Dimaria

Fairy Tail Chapter 501 - Brandish

In order to fool Dimaria…

Desiring to be loyal and at the same time invoke a change within herself, Brandish bears the weight of the conflict created by her two desires and struggles to find a way out that doesn’t end in tragedy. On one hand she doesn’t want to betray her homeland and fight against her comrades and on the other hand she doesn’t want to continue the current meaningless battle against Ishgar and add to the “slaughter”. Confused and isolated, Brandish tries to reach a decision that supports both desires.

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One Piece Chapter 838 – The Bisu Bisu No Mi

Those antenna's...

Those antenna’s…

Of course Cracker was the user of the Biscuit Fruit…I can’t believe I didn’t notice this sooner, Oda left hints on Cracker’s very design and his name. I was so caught up on his “thousand arms” motif, I failed see that which was already in front of our eyes. I can understand why Luffy was caught off guard once he broke through Crackers body armor. Cracker can use biscuits to create armor, weapons and even extra limbs on his armor.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 476-500 – Ishgar VS Alvarez II

Fairy Tail Chapter 494 - The Spriggan Twelve

The Spriggan Twelve gather to stand against the mages of the Ishgar

Resolved, connected, determined, tenacious, angered and above all unyielding; the mages of Ishgar stand tall against an overwhelming enemy laying their spirits and very lives on the line to secure the path to tomorrow in which they can continue adventuring in together. Moving forward one step at a time, they challenge the inevitable and express to the Alvarez Empire just how terrifying the mages of Ishgar can be.

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