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One Piece Chapter 837 – Luffy VS Commander Cracker

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One Piece Chapter 837 - Luffy VS Cracker

Luffy VS Cracker

Oh, how satisfying it is seeing Luffy refusing to retreat and instead resolving to take the Commander of a Yonko crew head on. This is the New World and running away now will not serve any function besides proving that the Straw Hat Pirates are not ready, completely nullifying the past two years they have spent training and preparing themselves for these moments. Luffy NEEDS to face Cracker and Luffy WILL defeat Cracker. The Kong is out and the crumbs of biscuits are about to signal the arrival of a new force within the New World, one destined to pave forward the New Age.

Cracker being called “Thousand Arms” yet also growing additional legs seems curious, I wonder what Devil Fruit he has eaten =/. Seems like a watered-down version of the Hana Hana no Mi (Robin’s devil fruit) as he is only able to grow limbs when he is hit. Robin on the other hand can bloom/sprout limbs anytime and anywhere she wants. What makes Cracker so fearsome though is his Haki, Luffy even commented that Cracker has the toughest “Busoshoku” he has come across so far, which is saying something as Luffy has faced several monster opponents before. This makes me wonder, how devastating would Nico Robin’s attacks be if she could utilise Haki, she has already conveyed signs of a strong spirit e.g. when Moria stole her shadow and she was able to recover shortly after, so it wouldn’t be surprising or out of place if at some point she is able to use Haki. Well whatever the case, that will have to wait for the future.

One Piece Chapter 837 - Brulee takes about the Worst Generation

Nice to see Urouge has been busy creating waves in the New World as well

Brulee revealed some interesting information this chapter, the Big Mom pirates were challenged by a few ‘Worst Generation’ rookies in the past; Kid, Apoo, Bege and Urouge, of which only Urouge managed to leave a mark. Bege conceded and joined the Big Mom Pirates, although currently based on Pekom’s dialogue with him, Bege does have plans to eventually take out Big Mom. Kid and Apoo were “escorted” out of Big Mom’s territory without putting up much of a fight. Urouge managed to defeat one of the four Sweet Commanders, hence why they are now called the three Sweet Commanders. Urouge was later defeated by Cracker and seems to have escape to Ballon Terminal to recover.

One Piece Chapter 837 - Nami VS Brulee

Looking forward to seeing Nami prove Brulee wrong

I find it hilarious how Brulee is talking up the Big Mom Pirates to be some undefeatable and untouchable force of epicness that rookies have no hope of even challenging. Big Mom’s territory is a place where all dreams come to die? Sure, right….if they couldn’t even kill Urouge once he defeated one of their precious Sweet Commanders, what makes they think they have a chance of stopping Luffy and Co. when they get serious? Luffy and Co. may have been underestimating the Big Mom pirates, but with Luffy unleashing his Gear Fourth and Nami ready to exploit any advantage she can get, they are pretty aware of the situation they are currently in now. The Big Mom Pirates on the other hand, lull themselves into a state of false security based on their past victorious against other less capable and driven rookies. Them underestimating the Straw Hat Pirates will come back to burn them.

Now that Nami understands how Brulee’s ability works and how mirrors aid her, you can be sure that Nami will be ready when they next meet. Once Nami defeats Brulee, which is going to happen, and Luffy takes out Cracker, the group can escape the forest. What will be interesting is how Nami plans to help Chopper and Carrot escape “Mirror World”. Will Brulee being knocked unconscious release them?

One Piece Chapter 837 - Gear Fourth Unleashed

Gear Fourth Unleashed!

Cracker stereotyping Sanji without knowing him was a very bad move on his part, he has now angered Luffy and forced the Kong out. Sanji saying those things would never happen and honestly, I was kind of pissed off at how much Cracker was belittling Luffy. That is why when Luffy unleashed Gear Fourth and smashed Cracker with his Kong Gun, a wave of satisfaction awoke my excitement and zapped it into overdrive. I am ready for Cracker to feel the wrath of Gear Fourth! Go forth Luffy and UNLEASH!

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