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One Piece Chapter 836 – Thousand Arms Cracker

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One Piece chapter 838 - Thousand Arms Cracker

He can grow additional legs as well? Or are those arms that serve as legs?

I had expected Luffy and Co to face some powerful opponents within Big Mom’s crew now that they are within her territory but to do so this early in the arc and one with a ridiculously high bounty relative to the bounties we have been exposed to so far? An 860,000,000 beli opponent! Oda-sensei means business for Luffy to be matched against such a high bounty opponent. It will be interesting to see if Luffy actually goes all out against Cracker or whether this battle will be deferred for a later time.

If the other members of Big Mom’s crew and family are as strong or stronger, then Cracker we will likely have Luffy going all out to defeat Cracker now but given the bounty of Cracker, would Oda really abuse the high bounty level? Sure the crew of a Yonko are strong but would they really have many 800 million+ beli members within their crew? Jack has a 1 billion beli bounty and he is one of three famines of Kaidou’s crew, one of their strongest members. So I don’t believe the Yonko crew would have many close to 1 billion beli bounties within their crew as doing so would cheapen the levels and build up the bounties have received so far. Big Mom’s bounty would understandably be ridiculous high but I don’t believe many of her crew members would be pushing beyond 860 million beli. Given Cracker is one of the “3” Sweet Commanders, it seems safe to say that 3 members within Big Mom’s crew have high bounties. If this is true, Luffy does have one serious fight before him and I can see Oda-sensei writing in a way to delay this battle for later in this arc. But if Luffy does defeat one of the Sweet Commanders, who will defeat the other two? I can see Jinbe and Sanji taking one down.

One Piece chapter 838 - Brulee and King Baum

A massive tree with a mustache! King Baum looks awesome

As Cracker spawns more limbs the more he is attacked/punched, he is most likely a devil fruit user – possibly a paramecia. If Cracker is a devil fruit user, I wonder how he would fare with attacks that are water based? Yes, I am hinting at Jinbe facing off against Cracker – crackers go soft in water =(. If Jinbe is planned to meet up with the Straw Hat Pirates within this arc, now seems like a good time. Plus Fishman karate seems like a good way to inflict massive damage with each punch/attack. Even if Jinbe does not appear, Gear 3 seems like a good way to inflict major damage onto Cracker.

With Brulee, it seems like Nami is going to be her opponent. Brulee’s Mirror Fruit will make this a tricky fight for Nami but given Nami’s upgraded Climatact and the unknown improved versatility of it, Nami has some tricks up her sleeve as well to use against Brulee. Mirage Tempo or a variation of it seems like an ability Nami can utilise to catch Brulee off guard – stealth and illusions seem like a good counter against Brulee’s reflective abilities. In order to save Chopper and Carrot who are now trapped within the mirror that has been shattered, it appears defeating Brulee is the only way to rescue them. After this chapter I really do believe this battle with Brulee is set up to highlight Nami, her growth over the past 2 years and her new Climatact. Potentially even develop Nami’s combat capibilites.

One Piece chapter 838 - Lola's Vivre Card

They couldn’t sense/see it when Nami had it “stored” away?

We also finally get confirmation that Lola is Big Mom’s daughter – was pretty obvious when Big Mom’s silhouette was revealed to the readers back during the conclusion of the Fishman Island arc, still we did need confirmation. The vivre card Lola gave Nami also serves to repel the homies from attacking Nami in fear of them angering Big Mom. So far the vivre card is serving a worthwhile purpose but I wonder if it will have any relevance to Big Mom who does seem to care for her children (when not in her hunger tantrum state). Would Big Mom even care that it was the Straw Hat Pirates who saved one of her daughters?

Even at this point, I am excited for the moment Chopper, Brook, Sanji and Jinbe get the chance shine but those magical moments seem to still be a while away. Looking forward to seeing Luffy and Nami in battle. I wonder if they could use Brulee’s reflective abilities against Cracker =/.



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