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Bleach Chapter 685 – The Captain Of The 13th Division

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Bleach chapter 685 - Kyouraku and Ukitake

In memory of the fallen

Yhwach has been stopped and with it the destruction of the worlds prevented. Instead of an immediate after effect of that result, we are reintroduced to events ten years later in Soul Society. We come to learn about the events that transpired ten years ago through the dialogue of the Captains and their divisions as they prepare for a ceremony about to be held, the Promotion Ceremony of a division member to Captain. We are made aware that Yhwach was stopped and for ten years there has been peace but the status of a lot of characters relevant to that battle have yet to be revealed, one of which includes Ichigo. With just one chapter left, it is going to be interesting to see exactly how the final chapter wraps up the series (especially with the current time jump) and what the important announcement next chapter is (Bleach X?).

The approach Kubo-sensei took to conclude Bleach is a very intriguing one, a time skip right after the climax of the previous chapter which saw Ichigo cleave Yhwach and ultimately defeat him. With ten years having passed, we are currently unsure of who exactly survived the war (well we kind of know) and the effects said war had on the participating individuals. What happened with Ichigo both after defeating Yhwach and across the ten year gap which was left uncovered? How did he come to terms with his ‘hero-complex’? Did Nel manage to save Kisuke and Co.? Did Aizen survive? What about the remaining Sternritter members? And what about Hueco Mundo, after what Yhwach did there, was balance finally restored? So many questions remain and with just one chapter left, I am curious to find out if any of the questions the Bleach reader’s have will be answered.

Bleach chapter 685 - The new Division 13 Captain

The new Division 13 Captain, Kuchiki Rukia

After those ten  years though as we join Soul Society again, we learn that a certain division member in the 13th Division has earned the right to be promoted to Captain. That certain individual, as many would have guessed once it was confirmed what the event was – promotion ceremony, is Kuchiki Rukia. After the long road she has traveled, she has attained the rank of Captain. And possibly due to her being the center of this event, an ominous or inevitable encounter lies in the immediate future. Ichigo definitely is related to whatever is hinted at in the cliff hanger of the chapter.

Overall, it was a pretty fun chapter, enjoyed seeing the different divisions highlighted and what they are currently doing. Hopefully with the last chapter Kubo-sensei shifts the focus to the actual main characters of the story and allows them to fully conclude what has been in my opinion a fun and exciting manga. Looking forward to the next chapter, the final chapter.

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