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Bleach Chapter 679-684 – The Conceit Of Darkness

Bleach Chapter 684 - Ichigo's Zangetsu

I just got major chills…

Overpowering and incomprehensible, the King of Darkness played with fate at the amusement of his whims yet through his unstoppable reproach at the form of existence, the pride of his supremacy deformed the interpretation of the very fates he sought to reform. Blinded and distracted, Yhwach fell prey to the sight of his own fate. It is quite ironic, without his ego that led him on this path of destruction, he would have been godlike, but as it is, he is just a flawed man driven by his ego with a power too great for his own capability. The moment Yhwach felt nothing could stop him was the moment he opened the door to his own defeat.

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King Of Thorn Film (2010)

King of Thorn Film

The despair of Salvation

With each trauma, our perception of the world deforms. From the world we are shown, to the world we see, to the world we want, to the world we experience. Each trauma that scars us in life teaches us about regret, fear, suffering, pain and countless other deep dark emotions. Along with creating a pit of negativity which we often find ourselves sinking in, it also serves as a contrast against the positive moments in life teaching us to appreciate and value such moments.

King of Thorn is about a story of a group of infected individuals chosen via a lottery to undergo cryosleep to wait for the world to develop a cure for the virus killing them. Things go wrong and the individuals find themselves at the mercy of death’s whims. The manner in how King of Thorn introduces the theme of trauma and twist it through the mystery of what went wrong creates a fascinating stage for the story and the characters relevant to it to unravel and reveal themselves in.

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