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One Piece Chapter 818 – The Red Poneglyph

One Piece chapter 818 - The Road Poneglyphs

So the Poneglyphs do guide one to Raftel!

And so the story shifts back to journey towards Raftel and the dangers awaiting the Straw Hat Pirates in their path. The Red Poneglyph aka. “Road Poneglyph” serves as a guide to reaching the final point of the Grand Line, Raftel. Carved in four Red Poneglpyhs are the locations of certain points which when joined reveal the location of Raftel at the point where all the lines intersect. With one of the stones found, Nico Robin now needs to read the remaining three in order to find the location of Raftel. Easier said than done though as two Yonko each have in their possession a Red Poneglyph.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 475 – Valley Of Time

Fairy Tail chapter 475 - Chronos 2

The Goddess of Time, Chronos

I expected something like this to happen, where Ultear wasn’t exactly there but something more abstract that represented an extension of herself was. The fact that Ultear can’t battle in that form against Dimaria suggest to me that while her magic may be present, she does not have a physical form. What I do believe though is the developments occurring now help pave a path for Ultear to return.

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