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One Piece Chapter 817 – The Kouzuki Clan

One Piece chapter 817 - A new Poneglyph

So the Mink and Kouzuki Tribe are connected to the Void Century

Momonosuke’s real identity has finally been revealed. And like most of the reader’s expected, Momonosuke is the Lord of Wano Kingdom, well the heir of it. Kine’mon revealed his lies and confessed that Momonosuke and he were not father and son. He only manufactured that lie to keep Momonosuke’s identity safe from the unsavory sort looking to capitalise on such information (seems like Doflamingo knew the worth of Momonosuke). Just like Kine’mon, Kanjuro and Raizou, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi¬† swore loyalty to the Kouzuki Clan and by extension to Momonosuke.

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Bleach Chapter 664 – Kisuke VS Askin [Bankai]

Bleach chapter 664 - Kisuke releases his Bankai

The air itself around them froze for a moment

After over a decade in waiting, it has finally come. That echoing moment that any Bleach fan had resounding in their minds the instance its existence was made known. With the hush of silence and the embrace of darkness signalling it, the hearts of every Bleach fan stopped the moment that one word was uttered. A word so powerful that it shattered open the flood gates of patience and let loose years of contained excitement. A cornered Urahara Kisuke has finally revealed his most powerful trump card. A power that materializes his zanpakutou’s spirit and unleashes it. Bankai. Urahara Kisuke has finally unleashed Benihime!

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