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Fairy Tail – Ultear, The Return Of The Miracle

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Fairy Tail chapter 474 - Ultear 2

2 years 7 months 2 weeks 3 days. That is the time I have been waiting for Ultear’s return. The time I have continued to believe that she will return. The time since her character had affected me so deeply. The time I have had my hope frozen in time. And with the same tears that seen that hope frozen in time, it now melts it back into life. The hands on the face of its existence now begin to move again. The Miracle of Time, Ultear, has finally returned. Thank you Mashima-sensei. Thank you.

Ultear and her story has affected me deeply, her pain and desire for atonement resonated within me. Her struggles to accept herself, her feelings of remorse, her sacrifice, gradually as she revealed more about her demons, I found myself taken in by her humanity and made vulnerable by her true emotions.

Ultear’s sacrifice and subsequent farewell was such a massive moment for me in the manga. It fleshed out the continuing despair a person feels over past actions, the pain they suffer and the desperation they have from wanting to change. The “Last Ages” spell, more than being used to save Gray and the others who died, it echoed the feelings of a character so totally relevant to this manga that I feel represents perfectly what the Fairy Tail manga is about. With her story, my heart was brought to numbness and utter silence at the mixture of emotions spiraling within. I was glad Ultear opened up to the possibility of forgiving herself once realising that in this world of infinite possibilities, her and her own problems are insignificant relative to it. She let go of her judgmental mind and all the negative emotions she directed at herself. In that harmonious state she was finally able to accept herself and allow herself to be happy and for the first time, let out a smile devoid of any rejection. But at the same time, it was a heartbreaking farewell, only at the end of her ‘time’ was she finally able to attain that which she so desperately fought and lived for. I wanted Ultear to be happy, to share that happiness with her friends. I didn’t want her end to be one filled with tragedy. That is why, right now, in this moment, with her return, I feel so grateful, so happy. Every fiber of my being hoped for this, wished for this, waited for this.

Welcome back, Ultear.

Fairy Tail chapter 474 - Ultear 1

Time has come…

I am so excited to see what Mashima-sensei has in store for Ultear. Ultear is currently up against another time mage, Dimaria, one of the Spriggan Twelve. We all know Ultear is incredibly powerful, but we never really got a chance to see just how powerful she is in regards to her magical ability in combat situations. What will be interesting is whether Ultear will use Arc of Time or Ice Make as her main form of magic. With the battle being set-up against a skilled Time Mage, it seems like it will be the former, hopefully though Ice Make magic will play a supporting role in how Ultear, Wendy and Sherria go about taking on Dimaria. With Ultear up against one of the Alvarez’s top mages, I very much am looking forward to seeing how this battle unravels.

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