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Fairy Tail – Ultear, The Return Of The Miracle

Fairy Tail chapter 474 - Ultear 2

2 years 7 months 2 weeks 3 days. That is the time I have been waiting for Ultear’s return. The time I have continued to believe that she will return. The time since her character had affected me so deeply. The time I have had my hope frozen in time. And with the same tears that seen that hope frozen in time, it now melts it back into life. The hands on the face of its existence now begin to move again. The Miracle of Time, Ultear, has finally returned. Thank you Mashima-sensei. Thank you.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 448-474 – Ishgar VS Alvarez Empire

Fairy Tail chapter 459 - The Might of Fairy Tail

United and determined, Fairy Tail move to defend their home (cleaning by Ulquiorra90)

A reality twisted by the misfortune of life. A wish for happiness tainted by the weight of its worth. A resolve to save another crippled by the darkness of its shadow. Two brothers torn apart by unfortunate circumstance. Two lovers separated by a curse born from the desire to save. Embraced by tragedy and guided by pain, those caught up in the indifferent flow of time now find themselves conflicting against ones dear to them.

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