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Bleach Chapter 662-663 – Kisuke And Yoruichi VS Askin

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Bleach chapter 663 - Shunryuu Kokubyou Senkei released

Yoruichi unleashes her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senkei (Flash God Black Cat Warrior Princess) form

I love it, these past few chapters of Bleach have been absolutely fantastic. The focus has shifted back to Yoruichi VS Askin and on top of that, Kisuke has been introduced into the battle as well. And just as we all expect from Kisuke, he has an answer (of sorts) to the problems that arise with seemingly no answer. Yoruichi has unleashed her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki forcing Askin to unleash his Vollständig forcing Kisuke into a very interesting position where he may have to unleash his genius and powers (c’mon Benihime).

Askin’s ability to adjust the lethal doses of whatever he has taken mass quantities in of is quite dangerous, especially when he combats against the immunity system of individuals who don’t have complete immunity to the [reiatsu] poison he utilises. The moment Yoruichi was backed into a corner with her body being disabled by the reiatsu poison, unable to even attack Askin, at that point the chances of Kisuke appearing became quite likely, yet at the same time it was such a fantastical thought it seemed impossible.

Bleach chapter 662 - The five threats to the SternritterBleach chapter 662 - Kisuke, one of the five threats to the Sternritter

With Kisuke’s appearance, we finally get confirmation that he is one of the 5 exceptional threats to the Sternritter (the other four being Ichigo, Kenpachi, Ichibee and Aizen). The Sternritter were quite correct in their list, especially with Kisuke’s “unknown means” threat. Just as proved to Askin, Kisuke was able to find a way to combat Askin’s reiatsu poison and immunity building with Yoruichi transforming into her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki form allowing her to change her reiatsu slightly 48 times per second to combat Askin building immunity to her reiatsu. Ultimately, Askin still has cards to play with his Vollständig now released, but with Kisuke currently there, it is only a matter of time until Askin’s powers are made sense of and his weakness (or weaknesses) revealed.

Bleach chapter 663 - Yoruichi & Kisuke VS Askin

Thanks to Yoruichi’s unstable reiatsu, Askin is unable to build an immunity to her reiatsu

The Kisuke and Yoruichi relationship is fantastic, they bring out such entertaining sides within each other through their dynamic interactions and reactions. I guess them being a pair is all but certain now with Kisuke being the only one able to calm Yoruichi down once she has released her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki form. The Kisuke and Yoruichi fanservice these past two chapters was just excitement overload, I love it! At least the moments in which these two characters do get to be focused on are moments that end up being exceptionally enjoyable. With Yoruichi currently out of action succumbing to Askin’s reiatsu poison, it seems it is up to Kisuke to take down the Vollständig released Askin.

Bleach chapter 663 - Yoruichi & Kisuke

Kisuke & Yoruichi fanservice overload

Kisuke has yet to reveal his Bankai, but I wonder if it will be this fight where he is forced to or whether he will release it when he aids Ichigo in the battle against Yhwach. With Askin’s power being immensely problematic and dangerous to deal with, Kisuke may just have to release Benihime’s Bankai form if it has the ability to combat Askin. Yoruichi as well, we have yet to see her Bankai, let alone zanpakutou, so I wonder if she is completely out of this fight as well. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Kisuke in action.

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