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One Piece Chapter 812-816 – Sanji Vinsmoke

One Piece Chapter 813 - Sanji's note

Oh Sanji…

So many twists and reveals in these past few chapters, I find myself left quite silenced and immensely liberated by the possibility these developments leave the story to develop towards. I was wondering how Oda-sensei would utilise the Mink race once the focus shifted towards Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates struggles to get him back, but now with the reveal that there exist a long-standing relationship between the Mink race and the Kougetsu Wano Kuni Family, it seems inevitable the Mink race will be part of the story for a long while now, especially with the Wano Country yet to be even dealt with in the story. Kaidou and the Mink race will be intrinsically linked to the Wano Kuni story (and Kaidou’s) once the focus has shifted towards it.

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Bleach Chapter 662-663 – Kisuke And Yoruichi VS Askin

Bleach chapter 663 - Shunryuu Kokubyou Senkei released

Yoruichi unleashes her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senkei (Flash God Black Cat Warrior Princess) form

I love it, these past few chapters of Bleach have been absolutely fantastic. The focus has shifted back to Yoruichi VS Askin and on top of that, Kisuke has been introduced into the battle as well. And just as we all expect from Kisuke, he has an answer (of sorts) to the problems that arise with seemingly no answer. Yoruichi has unleashed her Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki forcing Askin to unleash his Vollst√§ndig forcing Kisuke into a very interesting position where he may have to unleash his genius and powers (c’mon Benihime).

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