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Bleach Chapter 654-661 – Dance Of Fate

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Bleach chapter 657 - Yoruichi vs Askin

*excitement over-overload*

Uryuu’s motives have finally been confirmed and just as most suspected, he opted to sabotage the Sternritter from within by joining their ranks. The act of betrayal was just a ruse to get the Sternritter not to distrust him. Personally, I had believed Uryuu joined the Sternritter because he figured out a way to defeat Yhwach and was biding his time because he was waiting for the opportune moment, but it turns out Uryuu concluded that Yhwach was unbeatable and instead decided to destroy the Quincy’s way of breaching the real world. Amusingly, it took Ichigo and the air of hope he haphazardly drags along with him to knock some nonsense back into Uryuu and shatter the calculations that led to Uryuu concluding that Yhwach was unbeatable into pieces. This in turn “surprised” the wielder of the “All Mighty” power, Jugram. Been waiting for this match-up for a while, finally we get to see what Uryuu is truly capable of.

Regarding Lille, I can’t believe he wasn’t defeated, but at least his Heiligenschein dispersed from his fight with Kyoraku and Nanao resulting in his power reducing, which means he can at least be used to prop up some of the weaker characters that haven’t seen much or any action this arc. I do wonder if Lille going berserk in his ridiculously foolish form will end up helping Aizen escape from THE “chair”. If so, at least Lille still being alive will have served some major purpose. As for Kira, I thought he died…is he a zombie? Oh well, I guess it was nice seeing him.

Bleach chapter 655 - Gerard Valkyrie

Yammy version 2, but very cool illustration

Gerard Valkyrie, oh dear, he grew big…so his power is like Yammy’s the more he rages takes damage the bigger he grows. Yammy was a disappointment, a major major disappointment, so Gerard growing big paints a very ominous future for the enjoyability of this fight. Hopefully I am wrong and a miracle does occur…oh wait…

As much as I am indifferent to Toshirou, I am glad he is back in action, hopefully this will lead to an event that I have been wishing for since the beginning of this arc. Harribel, I have been willing and waiting for her to appear, hopefully she has been rescued off-screen earlier in the arc and ends up appearing in the battle against Gerard. Harribel’s water + Toshirou’s ice could serve to fully freeze Gerard if Toshirou isn’t capable of doing it alone. Given that the battles against the Schutzstaffel has developed into  multiple characters taking them on, my hope for Harribel appearing will remain until the end! Make it happen Kubo-sensei!!

Bleach chapter 656 - Yoruichi vs Askin

*excitement overload*

Askin, what a glutton for style, his obsession with it will surely lead to his defeat, but before that I hope to see a stunningly epic battle between Yoruichi and him. Hopefully with Askin as her opponent, we will finally get to see the full capabilities of Yoruichi and exactly what her zanpakutou is, let alone how it looks. Yoruichi’s Shunkou Raijin Senkei was electrifying (I had to), my excitement exploded into the stratosphere along with that blast. With Yuushirou defeated and Askin seemingly immune to the effects of Shunkou and its reiatsu, we may get to see Yoruichi don her zanpakutou and utilise abilities that doesn’t use reiatsu. I can’t help but lick my lips in excitement. But why, why did you have to change focus Kubo-sensei! Change focus back to Yoruichi soon, pleaseeeeee! =).

Bleach chapter 661 - Jugram vs Uryuu 2

Jugram VS Uryuu

Back to Uryuu, I’m glad we finally have Jugram pitted against him as this battle was apparent from the moment Jugram started to distrust Uryuu of having ulterior motives. With Ichigo heading off to Yhwach while he rest, I wonder how Uryuu will combat Jugram and the “All Mighty” power. If Jugram utilising the “All Mighty” power is anything close to Yhwach, Uryuu may not buy much time, although Jugram does not have Yhwach’s abilities so it not be as hopeless for Uryuu. Jugram already seems to be overly relying on his borrowed “All Mighty” power that he appears to have ignorantly turned a blind eye to the possibility that the eyes cannot see the future for exactly what it is, an ocean of uncertainty and possibility. Jugram’s overconfidence seems to be the weakness Uryuu can exploit.

Bleach chapter 661 - Sado and Ganju

C’mon full body armor Sado!

Sado, I’m glad he is getting some action as well, but I really do wish he had an actual Sternritter member to fight not some nameless fodder statues that Ichigo could have disposed of in a matter of seconds if he were serious. Well whatever, lets see how Sado and Ganju go about clearing the tower. Hopefully Kubo-sensei has a surprise waiting for us. Full body armor Sado!! Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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