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One Piece Chapter 806-810 – The Battle Of Zou

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One Piece chapter 809 - colour spread

What an awesome colour spread

Looks like many major events were happening around the One Piece world concurrently. For Luffy defeating Doflamingo to have ultimately, albeit indirectly, saved a nation from one of Kaidou’s “calamities”, I find myself wondering what other rippling affects the Straw Hat Pirates feats since entering the New World have been caused within the New World, especially ones with lasting and major implications. By removing Jack from Zou, the Mink tribe were given the opportunity to survive and over time, drive the remnant forces of Kaidou/Jack away. Still the question remains, why is Jack so passionately after Raizou?

For whatever reason, Jack and his crew believe Raizou is currently on Zou and due to some unrevealed story, Raizou is a wanted man to Jack. What could Raizou have done to become such a major target to Jack that his crew and him would fight an entire nation for 5 straight days? The weird thing is that Jack didn’t even need to fight the Mink Tribe to search the Island for Raizou, they were happy for his crew to conduct their search if it meant avoiding a battle and inevitable deaths. Jack though had no interest in such a peaceful solution.

One Piece chapter 810 - So Caesar's weapons are impotant...

I wonder how many more of Caesar’s weapons Kaidou and his crew have =/

And here I thought Doflamingo was crazy, but Jack brings a whole new level of psychotic to madness. At least with Doflamingo, there were reasons for his evil. But with Jack, he expresses his wrath just because. Whether it is by a whim, feeling or just pure insanity, Jack continued to engage with the Mink Tribe even after it became apparent that they held no information concerning Raizou the Ninja. But due to some screw loose in Jack’s mind that led him to engage in this unnecessary battle in the first place, he continued fighting for 5 straight days until the moment arrived that he lost interest in conventional battle. This moment led Jack to release one of Caesar’s poison weapons (aka. “slaughter gas”) onto the Mink Tribe, which ultimately crippled the Mink Tribe defense and turned the tide of battle in Jack’s favour.

One Piece chapter 810 - The pointless slaughter

I guess Jack just likes destruction…

What honestly shocked me was what came next and how insignificant the previous 5 days were to Jack’s crew’s perception that the Mink Tribe knew where Raizou the Ninja was. Surely at that point it would have become undeniably obvious that the Mink Tribe had absolutely no knowledge about Raizou, but like their psychotic leader, they continued to traumatize the fallen Mink warriors with the question “where is the warrior from the Wano Country?” before slaying them. Besides the satisfaction of destroying and killing, what other benefit was there to Jack and his crew for proceeding in such a way. One of them must have realised that no matter how many times they asked the question, they would never receive the answer they seek. But still, they continued. Are Jack and his crew seriously so deluded that they deny the reality of the situation and instead seduce themselves with their own madness as to how the world in front of them appears. Just because they want to believe the Mink tribe has some answers, they operate in such a way. Saying this is crazy and unreasonable is an understatement, I find myself quite taken aback by Jack’s mentality. No wonder people fear him and why he has such a high bounty – 1 billion beli…

Thanks to Luffy defeating Doflamingo and Doflamingo being captured by the Marines, Jack was forced to leave Zou in order to save Doflamingo. Apparently the two are close and deeply connected. Was Jack the reason Doflamingo ended up engaging in a business relationship with Kaidou? And I also wonder if Doflamingo is the reason Jack got his rare Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. Based on the information we have received from the characters surrounding Jack’s attempt to save Doflamingo, apparently it seems he failed and got himself killed in the process. Given the past few chapters focus on highlighting Jack, I find it incredibly unlikely that Jack is really dead. Too much focus has been given to him to remove him from the story already. We will without a doubt see Jack again.

One Piece chapter 810 - The saviors of Zou

Luffy indirectly saved Zou by defeating Doflamingo…what a surprise

The Curly Hat Pirates, I guess it really was miraculous that they arrived at that point in time, just late enough that they missed Jack and early enough that they were able to do something about the injured Mink before they succumbed to both their injuries and poison. Fortunately for the Mink, Caesar and Chopper were with the Curly Hat Pirates. As for Sanji, it is going to be interesting to see what happens to him. Luffy states Sanji wasn’t captured, which leads me to believe that Sanji willfully followed Jack’s subordinates when they left Zou (?) in a stealthy-ninja-esque-Sanji like manner to keep tabs on one of the main armies of Kaidou’s army. Hopefully we get to learn more about Sanji soon, but I am glad Oda-sensei is focusing on the aspect of Sanji that makes his character such a dangerous one – being the type of character that screws the enemy over when they least expect it. Not even Luffy or Zoro can manage to do what Sanji/Mr Prince does in most arcs.

With the flashbacks almost reaching the current timeline, I wonder if Jack is actually the current arc boss and whether we will ever find out what happened when he attempted to rescue Doflamingo. The crazy in his madness certainly makes him a villain worth reading about, especially with his connection to both Doflamingo and Kaidou. And with the saga structured in such a way that has seen Doflamingo just defeated and Kaidou introduced, it seems like a good time to focus on one of Kaidou’s main subordinates in a battle against the Straw Hat Pirates. If Jack and his crew really are the next major antagonist, I am excited to see what subordinates Jack has that will eventually be opponents for the Straw Hat Pirates. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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  1. about that jack himself said he loves destruction and

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