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Bleach Chapter 648 – Shadow Play IV [Abyss]

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Bleach chapter 648 - Third Dan: Dangyo's Abyss

Shunsui actives his Third Dan ability, Dangyo’s Abyss

The wait was worth it. Oh, how satisfying it is to see Shunsui’s Bankai and what it is capable of and despite seeing a good portion of what it can do, Shunsui is still not done revealing exactly what it is capable of. Even with the ability to pierce anything and to distort injuries to himself, Lille is currently overwhelmed by the mysterious and intense nature of Shunsui’s Bankai. With every action of Lille’s having a shadowed consequence, can he even do anything to escape the madness he has found himself submerged in?

For Shunsui’s Bankai release to have such chilling effects of everyone within the Soul King’s realm, especially Ichigo, it is no wonder Shunsui had decided to put as maximum distance he could between himself and the closest ally. The apparent effects of his Bankai which we have seen so far completely overwhelm anyone else caught within its realm that is not Shunsui, irrespective of that person being an enemy or ally. It is going to be exciting to see what else Shunsui’s Bankai is capable of.

Bleach chapter 648 - Reaction to Shunsui's Bankai release

Ah, I really do hope Kubo-sensei has more planned for Sado to do beside being a side-lined character

Askin, he avoided answering Ichigo’s question about whether he defeated Grimmjow, which one could presume to mean that Askin has disabled Grimmjow but not actually defeated him. It wouldn’t make sense for Grimmjow to have such a long build up (his appearance hinted at ages ago) and appearing in such dramatic fashion for him to be disposed of off-panel so easily. Grimmjow will definitely get to shine in a battle, otherwise bringing the Arrancar back into the story wouldn’t have much weight to it. Nel may end up finding Grimmjow and using her healing saliva (child form) to heal Grimmjow. The Grimmjow vs Askin battle seems like an inevitable battle so I am excited to what happens regarding Askin and Grimmjow. Would be cool if Nel and Grimmjow took on Askin.

Will be interesting to see what Lille does next to combat the overwhelming nature of Shunsui’s Bankai. Can Lille even do anything? Can his ‘third time second eye’ help him out in such a situation? Of course Lille is destined to lose, but will it be now or will he struggle a bit more before being completely defeated. Shunsui most likely has more abilities to utilise if Lille does manage to escape the Dangyo’s Abyss. Very much looking forward to seeing how things play out in Bleach currently.


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