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Bleach Chapter 646 – Shadow Play II [X-Axis]

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Bleach chapter 646 - Shinsui vs Lille

The man behind the shadow

As expected the fight has begun it’s back and forth cycle of one party having an edge over the other until they don’t. Shinsui having the edge over Lille with his shadow play now turns into Lille seemingly having the edge over Shinsui with his “second” eye. Ultimately Lille will fall, the moment Shinsui became his opponent, he was destined to fall. No matter how strong or “godlike” Lille’s ability is, there is no way Kubo-sensei is going to have Shinsui fall before even giving him a serious battle to be highlighted in as the Captain Commander. I am quite certain a second Captain Commander won’t fall to the Quincy.

With barely any enemies left for the Shinigami to battle, how is Kubo-sensei going to handle the absurd amount of “protagonist” remaining relative to the antagonist. Will he just do a Aizen with Yhwach and have Yhwach solo the majority of the Gotei 13 until Ichigo arrives powered up to take down Yhwach. Lille is being taken care of by Shinsui, Askin will most likely be defeated by Grimmjow, Jugram seems destined to face off against Uryuu and obviously Yhwach will be defeated by Ichigo, so the only remaining Sternritter which the mass of Shinigami can battle is Gerard. Kubo-sensei brought Toshirou back from the dead, so will it be him or will the other fan favourite Shinigami Byakuya spoil things for the others and take out Gerard. Whoever it is, I doubt taking down Gerard will be group effort and once he is defeated, all that is left for the other protagonist not Ichigo is for them to be shamefully defeated by Yhwach like the Royal Guard was by the empowered and resurrected Sternritter Elite Force.

Bleach chapter 646 - Lille's second eye

Of course he could do that…

Smart move by Shinji to let Shinsui handle Lille and continue on moving. Neither of them would have helped much if they stayed behind to weigh down Shinsui. With none of them nearby, at least Shinsui can utilise the full potential of his zanpakutou and entrap only Lille and himself in the rules. Would love to see Shinji highlighted in a battle again but after get manhandled by the Quincy this arc and Aizen in the previous arc, I don’t much confidence in him getting a chance to redeem himself with so few enemies remaining.

Interesting to see that Lille’s abilities are more expansive than he had initially shown…I wonder why he didn’t go full power against Ouetsu when he was slice right through, did he require a helping hand from Yhwach to boost his abilities so that he could do something beside be useless? Or did he require Ouetsu to kill him on the third strike so he could open his “third time” second eye? Whatever the case, this second eye ability to pass through attacks when they are fatal will end up being trumped by one of the rules of Shinsui’s zanpakutou. Even though Lille has identified Shinsui’s abilities, he is still trying to defeat Shinsui in the usual manner instead of changing gears and actually competing against Shinsui relative to game and rules he is bound by. Lille’s ignorance of rejecting the rules in favour of his disillusionment of being “godlike” will be his downfall, just like many of his Sternritter brethren.

Bleach chapter 646 - Lille's awakened form

Kubo-sensei is really big on representing the Sternritter as Angels…

I expect this battle to go on for another 4-5 chapters even though it is obvious that Lille will lose, but with a potential flashback coming to flesh out the Sternritter’s relationship with Yhwach and Lille still having a few cards up his sleeve to counter Shinsui until Lille is eventually defeated, it may take some time for the next fight to come into focus – Askin vs Grimmjow? Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Shinsui escape Lille’s attack unscathed or barely injured.

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