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Bleach Chapter 645 – Shadow Play I [Rules]

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Bleach chapter 645 - Game of death

What a dangerous ability Shunsui has…not only to his opponent but to himself as well

Even though Shunsui basically educated Lille on the functionality of his zanpakutou, I don’t really mind. The situation and Shunsui’s zanpakutou warranted Lille needing to know the “rules of the game” in order for Shunsui’s zanpakutou to fully function. And keeping Lille in the dark about the abilities of his zanpakutou wouldn’t have helped as Lille had expressly mentioned that the Sternritter had done comprehensive research on the Shinigami’s zanpakutou’s and their abilities shown throughout the battles they have had so far (information gathered from the Spirit King’s palace?). With both parties restricted by the “rules”, the victor will be decided on how one plays the specific game.

It is interesting that Lille managed to connect the dots and deduce how Shunsui may have been able to make his way towards him, although thanks to Shunsui not having played the game “Daruma-san fell over” with Stark due to the Arrancar not having such a game, Lille was in the dark about how exactly Shunsui made his way to him, until Shunsui explained it to him.

Bleach chapter 645 - Kyouraku's game

A genuine reason to explain to your opponent how your ability functions…just so it can work on them

Shunsui’s “games” are definitely risky as the “rules” pose a definite risk on both the parties participating in the game, which is why Shunsui is reluctant to unleash his zanpakutou in crowded area, but given that both parties are bound by the “rules”, the very nature of the fight become much more complex and blurred. Lille’s usual tactics of piercing his targets with his x-axis won’t work against Shunsui’s zanpakutou.

I find it interesting that Shunsui was able to create a duplicate of himself by consolidating his reiatsu, hardening it in his form and leaving it behind. Shunsui seriously has some major cards up his sleeve that I doubt  many even expected him to have despite us knowing that he is the current Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. I knew Shunsui was strong, but he can perform some incredible feats.

Lille revealing a bit about his abilities was interesting, especially when he expressly mentioned that fighting fairly is not what he does. Knowing that he still went ahead and revealed to Shunsui how his abilities functioned – the power to pierce through anything and everything. Thanks to that Shunsui can narrow what he needs to avoid doing in order to avoid being pierced.

Bleach chapter 645 - Kyouraku, the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13

The playful Shunsui has finally gotten serious

With the games ongoing, and the players ready to follow the rules, I look forward to seeing how Lille uses the rules to trap Shunsui and how Shunsui uses the rules to escape Lille’s traps and in turn defeat Lille. The nature of this battle between the Sniper and the Shadow Assassin and has changed completely and I am very much excited to see what new games Kubo-sensei has Shunsui reveal.

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