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One Piece Chapter 801 – Targets In The New World

One Piece chapter 801 - Aboard the Going Luffy

I too am curious about what actually went down during the past few days with the Swirly Hat Pirates

As we all suspected, the bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates have gone up thanks to the events in Dressrosa, although the surprising aspect is that Sanji, Nami, Brook and Chopper’s bounties have gone up as well with the defeat of Doflamingo. I was prepared for the Swirly Hat Pirates bounties not increasing with their lack of focus in the arc, but I don’t mind one bit having the whole crews bounties increased with such a significant arc that led to one of the key figures in the New World being defeated. The consequential effects that will arise from the Doflamingo’s removal from his role as an agent of darkness definitely supports the whole crew getting a significant bounty increase that justifies the level of danger now directed towards them. With all the increases, the Straw Hat Pirates current bounties now total a massive Beli1,570,000,100!!

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