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Bleach Chapter 644 – Let’s Play A Little Game

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Bleach chapter 644 - Shunsui surprises Lille

Time for a Lille game! Sorry I had to…

Shunsui is finally getting an opportunity to show off his zanpakutou this arc and most likely will end up having to rely on his Bankai to defeat Lille Barro thanks to whatever power-up Yhwach bestowed upon them by sacrificing his less capable members. Whatever Shunsui’s Bankai is, it is going to be terrifyingly exciting to find out.

Pernida is finally defeated and it seems like Zaraki wasn’t even required to help defeat him, well beyond being the flesh shield that helped Mayuri deduce what Pernida’s ability is. I am somewhat surprised that Kubo-sensei is sidelining Zaraki so directly when he built Zaraki’s character up to be such an immensely powerful one. I admit it is quite refreshing to see something happen that is not Zaraki brutally annihilating his opponent, but I wonder exactly what Kubo-sensei has in store for Zaraki now…

Bleach chapter 644 - Mayuri and Nemu

Opening his heart, he slips into a dream…

Mayuri and Nemu’s character has some great development in this battle and the consequently effects seem to be promising; Mayuri has finally admitted what Nemu means to him and he is beginning to perceive himself as a scientist outside the shadow of the man he has been chasing for decades. Although he still would love to prove to Kisuke just how capable a scientist he is.

Speaking of Kisuke, I honestly cannot wait to see him highlighted in this arc, the final arc of Bleach. Kubo-sensei has been holding back on fully revealing everything Kisuke is capable, let alone why Kisuke has knowledge about almost every single thing in the Bleach-verse. Whatever Kubo-sensei has planned for Kisuke, I look forward to finding that out tremendously.

Toshirou and Rangiku are back thanks to some pods which Mayuri developed to reverse their zombification state. With so few enemies remaining in this arc, I find myself cringing a little with more protagonist added into the mix, especially Toshirou who doesn’t see all that capable relative to other more important characters. Will Toshirou and Rangiku end up facing Gerard? He seems to be the only Sternritter remaining who doesn’t see to have someone matched up against him.

Bleach chapter 644 - Shunsui vs Lille

Can’t wait to see what Shunsui’s Bankai is

With the Shinigami taking center stage currently, I find myself falling into despair while holding onto the hope that some scraps will be thrown Sado, Inoue, Ganju, Yoruichi and Nel’s way. With each chapter a Shinigami appears, the hope which I have that the ACTUAL main characters of the series will return to serving such a role gets smaller and smaller…aside from Ishida and Ichigo having opponents created for them, the other main characters don’t appear to be saved for taking down some relevant antagonist. Hopefully Kubo-sensei highlight Grimmjow properly and gives him a satisfying fight against Askin.

Well, I am excited about Shunsui and seeing exactly what he is capable of. This battle will likely last another 5 or 6 chapters, but hopefully at the end of it, we get some more insight into Lille’s character and why Shunsui is so against using his Bankai in a crowded area (I am remembering correctly). Looking forward to the next chapter.

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